Saturday, 31 December 2016

A New Beginning for 2017

Happy New Year! I hope everyone's Christmas was joyful and that whatever 2016 looked like for you, you're looking forward to the clean slate of 2017.

You may have noticed that I haven't been around much on here in 2016, I've dipped in and out here and there, trying to gain some sort of blogging momentum but it just hasn't been there. Why?

Well, there's been the obvious - Joel arrived into our world in May and the transition from being a three to becoming a four has taken up a lot of time and energy.

Ruby started nursery in September, suddenly giving me much to think about in terms of routine, structure and the like an suddenly writing was no longer at the top of (or even on!) the agenda.

We became involved in a new church where we found a new lease of life - we jumped into some community projects and formed new friendships and suddenly I didn't need a creative outlet or an online community as much as I once did.

But then there's the not so obvious... you could say I just haven't known what to do with my little corner of the web. When I started, it was because I had the aim of freelance journalism in mind after leaving my career to have kids, and I thought that having an online presence would help me in that. Those dreams have evolved and it's now not as important.

As technology changes and develops I'm not sure I'm up to speed. I'm not sure I want to be up to speed. I'm increasingly aware of the lack of privacy that we all have and I'm not sure I want to add to that for my kids.

I've acutely felt the world changing this year where suddenly my little ramblings seem insignificant - where if I'm going to write then I should really be saying something of significance rather than adding to the distractions in the world. I'm not saying that mum blogs and lifestyle blogs are insignificant - there are some fantastic blogs out there that entertain and inform and play a vital role in communications today (if you are one or are in the process of building one then good on you!), I just know I'm not one of them!

And well, every time I sit down to write I am faced with a blank screen and nothing sits well, everything feels awkward and I know that I am not being me, I'm not being honest and I'm not doing myself or my blog justice.

So, what next? I'm not sure. I know that I still need to write. I know that I love the blogging format. But I know that I need to move on from here before the year is out so that I can start afresh tomorrow with some new dreams, some new goals and a new space. I'll post back here to let you know where I end up.

In the mean time, I pray that you all look forward to the future with a sense of excitement and joy. That whatever 2016 has looked like for you, 2017 will be more. More joyful. More peaceful. More exciting. More prosperous. Because, as a wise person once said, the best is yet to come!

Much love, Emily. x


  1. Wishing you all the best Emily and I can totally understand that life moves on and priorities change. Happy New Year. Mich x

  2. So glad you've found an exciting new church to be part of - that is great news. I think a lot of us can relate to some of the things you've mentioned here - i know i worry about the privacy aspect for the kids and also seeing my inbox filled with meaningless emails (sales type emails rather than blogposts though) on christmas day made me realise just how noisy the online world is. Hope that 2017 is an amazing year for you and your family. xxxx

  3. Oh, I hear you on the transitioning and changing and trying to find your right place in this online world! Sad to see you go, but looking forward to hearing about what you get up to next! Endless possibilities! God bless you!x


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