Sunday, 17 July 2016

Where have I been?

If you've been following my Facebook or Instagram (and if you're not, why the hell not?!), it's no secret as to the reason for my long and unintended blogging hiatus.

That's right peeps, I birthed an actual child and some crazy God decided I was worthy and capable of looking after not one, but two children! At. The. Same. Time. Madness, I tell you. 

So, we've been transitioning into this new chapter of parenthood but now that little man is nine weeks old, I'm itching to do something for myself again. I may not be the most successful, consistent or engaged blogger on the Interweb, but I do miss it when I'm away. It does form a part of my identity and it's probably the one thing in my life that I attempt to do just for myself. I don't always achieve what I set out to but if I cease trying then I think I would be really sad about that. 

So anyways, I'm back, for now. And here's a quick photographic update on what the last couple of months have looked like. It's mostly involved being pregnant, giving birth and attempting to look after multiple (ok, two) children. Seriously, I'm like Superwoman right now!

L-R: 32 and 36 weeks

L-R: 38 and 39 weeks

Hello world!

Joel Stanley John Davies arrived perfectly on time, at exactly 40 weeks. The birth was brilliantly straightforward, with us being in hospital less than 12 hours in total. It felt a bit surreal, as if we'd just been on a little day trip and picked up a baby whilst we were out! He was 7lb 13oz and born at 12.24pm (I know you totally don't need to know these minor details, but I write them down for my own benefit!).

Sleepy baby!
He has pretty much slept through the first two months of his life thus far and despite a few issues early on with tongue tie and feeding, he's lovely, cuddly and placid. I thought Ruby was a relatively easy baby but I look back now and realise that I just didn't know any better (she was actually quite colicky and unsettled in the first few weeks!).


Ruby has adapted really well to being a big sister. I had no idea how she would react. Generally speaking she's a really confident, flexible child, but she has been the centre of our world for three years so who knew! She loves "her baby"!

Cute at six weeks!

All dressed up for a family wedding!

Sleeping through life without a care in the world!

It did occur to me yesterday that Joel was born into an entirely different world to the one we live in today, only nine weeks later. He's lived through an EU referendum, the beginnings of Brexit, a fair amount of political and economic turmoil, some quite significant politicians leaving the stage and then some new ones taking their place, plus plenty of other quite horrific events taking place the world over... and yet here he is anyway, sleeping his way through it, dreaming his way through it. 

The hopes and dreams we had for him nine weeks ago, are no different to the hopes and dreams we have for him today. We smile as we look to the future. 

And if there's one thing I hope I can teach both my kids to do in life, it's that.

To smile at the future.

Whatever it may bring, whatever the world looks like. There is always hope. And I hope they remember that.

I hope we can all remember that.

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