Friday, 6 May 2016

Living Life in Limbo

I'm a great believer in the seasons of life. Sometimes life is very much on the up - things are good, the sun is shining, we feel positive. We have seasons of hurt or pain, those winter times, where the old dies away in preparation for the new. And there's seasons of hope, seasons of preparation, seasons of transition.

Seasons don't last forever and, though sometimes painful, there's something to learn through each one. Sometimes we have the power to quicken the season in our own life, sometimes we just have to wait it out and pray that spring is coming soon (it very much felt like that in the natural last week - snow at the end of April??!!).

I'm not sure what the first quarter of 2016 has looked like for us. I wouldn't say it's been a winter season necessarily, but it's definitely been a season of transition - one that will culminate in the birth of our baby boy, heralding a very new season!

I started the year full of hope for new things, things we would achieve, things we would get done, and basically it hasn't happened. Not because of anything huge, but just a combination of everyday stresses which have prevented us from moving forwards. I've battled cold after pregnancy cold, we've had work stresses, financial stresses, household stresses, pregnancy stresses... In fact, we've battled through a fair amount of everyday stress in almost every area of life.

All of this could explain my lack of blogging - I haven't really had the energy, inspiration or inclination to put my fingers to keyboard... And when I have my posts have languished in the drafts folder, never seeing the light of the published Interweb!

However, (because thrillingly life is always punctuated by 'howevers' and 'buts') we are embarking on a new season! Over the last few weeks all of these stresses have begun to melt away, we have been able to look forward to a new day!

Our life in limbo is coming to an end and we are full of new beginnings - a new baby, a new job situation, a new financial situation, a new church situation which brings with it a new season in the spiritual, new relationships and friendships along with a strengthening of important old ones.

But until these things come to pass, we must wait - a bit like the end stages of this pregnancy! We're playing the waiting game. Living in hope that the past can be tied up in a neat little bow and that a new day can dawn with sunshine and flowers!

I hope that with this new day comes a fresh outpouring of creativity and inspiration. I hope that I'll be able to share with you on this journey, but if the blog does become a bit neglected as we adjust to life as parents of two, you can always catch up with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and you can find my monthly guest posts over on the Meet Other Mums blog.

In the mean time, wish me luck! I am coming up for 39 weeks pregnant. Up to now we have settled into a bit of a state of denial that this baby will actually arrive, so this week is the week we will get organised and prepare - we just need to pray he doesn't make an early appearance!


  1. I feel so excited for you...can't wait to hear news of the new arrival. xxx

  2. This is a really exciting time! I've loved becoming a mummy for the second time - it is so much easier as you know what to expect! Hope the birth goes (or perhaps even went by now) smoothly xx


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