Thursday, 18 June 2015

What I made: Sleepy Fox Brooches

On Tuesday I had a massive sort out of magazines (I'm a bit of an addict) and, being a long time subscriber of Mollie Makes, I discovered I had a huge stash of little craft kits that come free with these types of mags. In need of some creative mojo, I set about making one up.

I've now resolved to make all the kits that I have (there's probably nearing 30!).

I started with this sleepy fox brooch kit from Mollie Makes, issue 32. Designed by Samantha Wood at Polka Dot Dreams, they were just staring at me from in amongst all the little kits and they seemed sweet enough and crying out to be made!

The original kit looked like this:

The templates and instructions could be found in the mag (I knew there was a reason why I keep all my mags so organised and pristine!).

And here's the finished result!

Having not sewn in a while, I'm quite proud of my evening's creative achievements! I'm not the neatest of stitchers and I appear to really struggle with symmetry but I'm so pleased with the results.

It's always nice to do something creative of an evening and these were the perfect mini project. Now, onto the next one tonight... so many choices!

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  1. Well done it really id great to make something creative (and quick). I've just started sewing again after many years and the other night I too made up a quick project that came with a sewing mag. Much better than watching whatever was on tv that night.


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