Wednesday, 10 June 2015

To the fash-pack regarding festival fashion

A word to the Fash-Pack,

It's at this time of year that you fill your magazines with articles such as 'Your top 10 festival must-haves', 'Essential festival beauty fixes', 'Your festival survival guide' etc. etc.

I just want to say ENOUGH ALREADY!

I've managed to reach the ripe old age of 30 without ever having attended a festival. In fact, I've glided through my twenties without even going camping (one night in a gypsy caravan doesn't count). I'm sure there are many of us who have managed to avoid this special version of hell.

Spending three days in a tent, covered in mud, amongst crowds of people with no access to the basic facilities a girl needs in life, isn't my idea of fun. It just isn't. And though I like music, I'm no superfan of anything in particular. Add into the fact that at 4ft 11' I wouldn't actually be able to see any of the acts because crowds of people aren't transparent and you've got a pointless expedition for me personally.

Image courtesy of CC Flickr, Ross Huggett

There's plenty of other things to do in summer - days at the beach (but leave it out with 'Get beach body ready'), fab city breaks and picnics in the park. But on the whole, let's face it, we're all just living our normal lives in slightly warmer yet unpredictable weather. We're still doing the school run, heading into our swealtering, non air-conditioned offices, squeezing ourselves onto the tube or finding a quiet moment in a coffee shop. And I don't think turning up in short shorts, a kaftan, wellies with an oversized daisy crown to any of these events would be entirely appropriate.

Now I know that these are the trends and all that, but these 'trends' seem to roll around every year. Spring is for the nautical trend, summer is the festival season and autumn winter is all about parties (also things I don't seem to attend these days). And quite frankly I'm a bit bored of it all. It's a bit predictable. If you could use your imagination a bit and package these features up a bit differently that would be great.

I mean, I see the word 'festival' on your page and I flick straight past it. What should I wear when I'm out digging in the garden? Or at the park with my toddler? Or off to the first, slightly premature, BBQ of the year? How do I look good pushing a trolley round Asda?

'Cause whilst I'm sure a lot of folk are off to a festival for all of three days this summer, I'm not. And I doubt I ever will be. I actually can't ever imagine staying in a tent - we're just not all that practical. So let's try and do summer for the rest of us, just once, please.


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