Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Surprises in the Post ~ #BringBackPaper

Every day I look forward to the postlady coming. I don't know why, our postlady is nice and everything but all she seems to deliver is bills, junk mail or stuff for previous tenants. But I look forward to it all the same in the hope that one day, just maybe, somebody might have decided to send me a little surprise. It rarely happens, but we live in hope!

That's why when I saw on twitter that Jocelyn from the Reading Residence was running a #BringBackPaper postal swap I couldn't resist taking part.

Unfortunately, I neglected to take a picture of what I sent to my swap partner but it included some pretty papercrafting bits and pieces and the like. I also should have blogged about this a couple of weeks ago, but hey, I have been wanting to share this with you!

I waited in anticipation for my parcel to drop through the door - both of us had sent ours after the deadline, we seem to both be the type to leave things to the last minute (I hadn't forgotten, I just always wait 'til deadlines!).

It arrived!

OMG! I am such a lucky girl! My swap partner had taken such care and thought in choosing what to include. She included things that were so 'me' and I discovered from her letter that we actually have a huge amount in common. It was so nice to receive a lovely, handwritten letter but all the goodies were beyond my expectations!

If you can't see from the photograph here, I got a notebook, some letter writing paper, stickers, a cross stitch kit (just in case I'm interested in craft... um yes!), a miniature pen, some ribbony paperclip bookmarky things, some post-its, lollipops, a selection of drink sachets, a unicorn pencil and some bags of Haribo.

Seriously, how lucky am I?!

If you love paper, stationery, reading, writing and creating then you need to check out Jocelyn's #BringBackPaper series and get involved. She runs swaps, events and challenges throughout the year so hop on over and see what's happening. This month's activity is a Twitter Party next Wednesday!


  1. What a beautiful package to receive! I love the whole idea of #BringBackPaper xx

  2. Love this idea. I'm also the same I love it when the postman comes and I'm always disappointed if I have no post!


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