Friday, 5 June 2015

Style, Summer Days & Cake ~ #littleloves

I've relaxed a bit with my blogging this week. Maybe blogging every day in May took it out of me a bit! But I of course had to join in with #littleloves. It's a lovely linky to get involved with because you can do a quick summary of your week, remember those little things that make up your life, and perhaps include things that wouldn't otherwise warrant a blog post in themselves.

So this week, I have:


InStyle magazine.

I'm still reading Secrets of the River but this week has not been a week for reading books. I haven't had a moment to sit down and enjoy a book but a magazine, I can manage. I'm finding more and more, however, that I have no idea what magazines are for me.

I feel like maybe I've transitioned into another demographic and there's no-one catering for me. I used to like Company but they've since gone out of print. I'm 30. Married. With kids. I like fashion but not that much. I wear make-up, but I'm not one for the trying out the latest trends or products. I don't have much disposable income but I am aspirational. I enjoy good design and photography but I want to read proper articles about proper issues. What lifestyle magazines should I be reading, people? Anyone got any good ideas?


These days I feel like the only thing that is ever on our television is CBeebies. I'm thinking I really need to cut Ruby's screen time when we're at home, but Ruby hasn't been sleeping well this week so I am shattered. CBeebies keeps her entertained while I can get stuff done without her demanding too much attention (I have become that mum, yes!). Still, we do leave the house every day so it's not all the time (honest!). Ruby has also discovered the magic of iPlayer - we can call up any show she wants at any time. I am deeply regretting this development - I've watched Bing over and over again for four days straight - time to nip this in the bud me thinks!


Shorts! Hurrah for summer!

Ok, so I didn't quite have the guts to get my legs out so opted for the old leggings and shorts combo, but it still counts! We had a lovely afternoon yesterday in our local gardens and it was definitely shorts weather. Ruby went for the nautical look.

Also, I 'wore' my new hair! I got it all chopped off for summer. I always go for the two extremes - long or short. There's no mid length with me. A nice choppy bob for when the weather's hot. ALSO - Ruby took this picture, impressed?


My baby talking. All the time. In sentences. Conducting conversations. Making her thoughts known. Yep, I think we can now say she is not learning to talk, but she has learnt to talk. She's now coming out with so many things that we haven't taught her, I think the way children learn language is absolutely fascinating. Their minds are like sponges!

She makes us laugh all the time with what she says, but yesterday was a classic. I took her to the cafe in our local library for a drink and she marched up to the counter and loudly declared "Cake, please!" (she's very polite is our Ruby!). It raised a smile or two.

Other repeated phrases include "What you doing, Mummy?", "On the 'puter?", "Watch Beebies?", "Come here, Mummy!", "Dance, Mummy!", "Ruby have it!", "It's Ruby's!" and today's devlopment: "Give it back!". Yes, she  can be a little demanding. We are hoping this will pass!


Cards! My mum had a cardmaking evening on Tuesday. I haven't made cards since my stint as Editor of a papercraft magazine, but due to this career choice, my house is full of papercrafting goodies. So I went along and had a nice evening creating a few cards. Here's my fav - simple yet effective - employing all the techniques learnt all those years ago! Now, who to send it to?

...and lastly

Lastly, I attended a youth and family workers conference at Hillsong Church in London last week. It was held in their Warehouse building in Bermondsey. When we lived in London we were a part of Hillsong and for them to have their own building was but a dream - all of their services, team days and events took place in theatres, hotels and hired buildings. It was a huge logistical operation, but to own property in central London is huge.

So to go back and experience The Warehouse Project was brilliant. A building kitted out for their purposes. It reminded me that nothing is impossible. God grants us favour. And when we are faithful in the small things, God comes in and blesses us in the big things.




  1. Hurrah for summer indeed! It been glorious hasn't it! Love that quote, beautiful.. Popping over from Little Loves x

    1. Thanks for visiting! Long may summer continue!

  2. Your hair looks lovely. It's nice to have a change for the summer. I like your card, I have loads of paper crafting stuff but so little time to do any. Yay for Ruby talking, it is fascinating the things they know without obviously being taught x

    1. Thank you! My house is full of craft stuff that I will never use. This linky actually encourages me to make something each week though so maybe it will be an incentive to use some of it up!

  3. What a pretty card, it's so good to make your own. Kids learning to talk is indeed fascinating to witness :) hope you have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Thank you! I did enjoy being a bit creative. :)

  4. Ha ha my little one was like that - 'cake please' being pretty much one he mastered straight away! I'm a bit of a magazine addict but one I quite like is Essentials. It has a little bit of everything in there from real life, 'proper' articles, fashion, beauty, travel and food. Have a great weekend x

    1. Oooh thanks for the recommendation. I will check out Essentials, I seem to remember it being pretty good. Hope you had a good weekend!

  5. I love it when children start to form sentences, they come out with all sorts - so cute!
    I get Elle magazine, it has lots of great articles and isn't just about Fashion.
    Have a lovely week xx

    1. Oooh I haven't read Elle in years, used to get fed up with all the adverts but might give it a go again. Thanks!


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