Monday, 15 June 2015

Hats: Toddler Style

I don't remember the last time I bought clothes for myself. I wander through clothes departments, not particularly enamoured with anything in particular, my uniform is jeans and t-shirts. If I need to dress it up then I add heels and a blazer, if I'm slobbing out then I pull on a hoodie. I guess I'm a classic mum. Nothing is practical. There's never the occasion for it. And I spend all my time running after a toddler, it's all about comfy shoes!

However, take me into the toddler fashion department and given the chance, I'd buy everything on the rail! We don't often splash out, but I'm far more likely to be tempted by something for Ruby than for myself. This week we were able to pick up a few bits and pieces. 

Ruby's not great at posing. How I would love to do little photo shoots against a nice white wall like Mummy Daddy & Me Makes Three! But Ruby isn't that compliant. And I don't have a nice big white garage door to pose against. So apologies for the lack of decent pics, but hopefully you get the idea!

Here's our little haul after a diversion into the clothes department at the supermarket:

Pack of two skirts, £4. Pack of two hats, £5 - How cute are these hats?!

The hats have been a big hit and Ruby has been wearing hers everywhere - though trying to get her to wear it the right way round is a different story. She's just too cool for school.


This week we have also bought:
  • Toddler pants in the event that Ruby suddenly becomes de-traumatised by the thought of her potty! 
  • A pretty little bag so that she could carry around her own purse and hankies. Unfortunately, this lasted a mere couple of days before it was left in the shopping centre food court - luckily it was empty! No matter how often you check and double-check - it is inevitable that something will get left behind! 
  • New shoes, as mentioned here.
I think that's all the treats we'll have for a little while. We need to save our pennies! Next time, I'll buy stuff for me, promise!

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