Friday, 12 June 2015

Facebook, Pizza and New Shoes ~ #littleloves

Happy Friday everyone! We've had a lovely week, it's actually starting to (dare I say it!) feel like summer! Here's our #littleloves for the week:


Not much has been happening on the reading front. Not even blogs. I seem to while away my time scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, not really engaging much, just scrolling (naughty!). I have continued with Secrets of the River, though. I'm 60% of the way through and have a feeling we're just getting to a twist in the tale. I've enjoyed reafing all the book reviews that keep popping up in the blogosphere - they pique my curiosity!

I also found this article from Single Mother Ahoy about improving Facebook reach and engagement. I'm not usually that fussed about whether I'm doing well on social media - it's a miracle I find time to blog, I can't spend hours working out a social media strategy! But I applied one tip (linking my Instagram to my blog page instead of my personal page) and my engagement has improved so we're on our way to improving our reach!


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Highlight of the week on the box? Definitely Dominos Pizza: a slice of life on Channel 4 last night! I could not believe the commitment, passion and dedication these people have for their jobs! The chants, the speed pizza making contests (including the lunging and stretching to warm up!), the manager of the year awards ceremony... I mean these people live the brand! It was so American and yet right here in the UK. Highly entertaining and funny, yet whilst laughing at them you are mildly impressed by their dedication and passion for their work (if you're going to work there you may as well enjoy it, right?).


New shoes! Ruby and I both got new (almost matching!) sneakers. Ruby had a few treats this week but that's best saved for a whole separate toddler fashion post. But the sneakers were definitely a fun, necessary purchase.  Mine are another New Look 9:15 bargain at £10.99. I think they go up to an adult size 6 so definitely worth a look if your feet are on the smaller-to mid end of the scale. Ruby's were from Mothercare for £10.


Ruby, shouting, ridiculously early in the morning! "Mummy! Come get me!!!! Mummy!!!! I'm here! Mummy!!!! Mummy!!!! Come and get me!!!" Anyone else find this with the lighter mornings? Ruby normally wakes at 7 or a bit after. She's now shouting for me at 6 or earlier. She has blackout curtains which help, but they dont block out all the light. Anyway, I'm getting quite tired at these unearthly wakeup calls!


After our little cardmaking adventure last week, I may have caught the bug! I've got so much papercrafting stuff and there is an instant gratification to cardmaking - you can finish it in an hour and feel like you've been creative. So, on Saturday we were invited to celebrate the 2nd birthday of a pair of lovely boys we know. The perfect excuse to use this dinosaur stamp!

Another one I can't personally take the credit for, but how cute are these little hankies my mum made for Ruby? She's been suffering a bit with a runny nose of late and we're wondering if it's hayfever. She's been using her dad's disgusting snot rags or whatever has come to hand. So my mum made her her own special handkerchiefs!! So cute.

...and lastly

This week we registered for our previous church's European conference! We used to go, and serve, every year but now that we're a bit further away its quite expensive to factor in transport and hotels on top of the registration and despite wanting to, we haven't managed it for the last couple of years. We're really excited to be there this year and it will be a little child-free break as well! Cant wait! 




  1. Ooh pizza..might check out that documentary, I love behind the scenes kind of stuff. Your matching shoes are so sweet :) ooh have fun at the conference, fellowship with other believers on a large scale is such an encouragement. Hope you're having a fun weekend xx

    1. Thanks Alice! Yes we are very excited. Our church is quite small so these larger scale events are great to see what's going on in the world!

  2. Those cards are so cute. That pizza looks amazing! I haven't has a dominos for about 5 years :-( Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  3. How cute are those hankies? Adorable
    Hope you've had a good week xx


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