Monday, 22 June 2015

Dear Daddy, Love Ruby

Dear Daddy,

Mummy had a busy weekend and didn't get to write a nice Father's Day post for you. I know you were disappointed. All the other mummy bloggers did one. I didn't want you to feel left out.

Here's us, we're so cheeky...

I know I'm only two, and you think I don't understand a lot. You think I can't always say what I'm thinking. That's ok. I know it doesn't always make sense to you - you'll get there, you're still learning.

But one thing I do understand is that you love me. You do tell me all the time, but apparently actions speak louder than words, and I wanted you to know that your actions are SHOUTING REALLY LOUD - just like me when I want you to come and get me out of my cot in the morning.

I love that we have special time in the mornings before you go to work. You let me come downstairs with you even when it's early. You let me switch the TV to 'Beebies even when you want to watch the news people talking. You even let me sit on your lap and share your breakfast! (You're much better at sharing food than Mummy is, well done, it's good to share).

I love that before you go to work you let me help get your bike ready. I pass you a towel so you can wipe the saddle from the rain. And I always pass you your hat too - apparently it's a very important hat. Lately, you've even let me sit on your bike! I love that you always make sure I give you a hug - even when I don't want to say goodbye - because you know I will miss you (but I think you might miss me a little bit too).

I wish you would just let me drive this thing one day!

I love that when you get me dressed at the weekends you always choose a princess dress. Mummy likes me to be practical but secretly we both know I am a princess and so dresses are the only suitable choice - thanks for your cooperation on that.

I love that when you make food you let me sit up on the counter so I can see what's going on.

I love that when we go to the park you always try to have a turn on the see-saw even though you are far too big. I love that you poke your head over the top of the slide to give me a kiss before I come down.

I love that when we go out for coffee you don't mind reading with me or colouring with me so that we all have a nice time (and so that Mummy doesn't get stressed by me running around).

This is a funny story!

Try and stay within the lines, Daddy...

I love that when we are out you buy us ice cream to share. Mummy can't eat ice cream but that's ok - all the more for us! (Thanks for letting me always have the flake).

Can we stop with the pictures and just get on and eat this thing?!

I love that you take me to church every week and even when you're talking at the front you let me come and give you a hug (if Mummy doesn't stop me in time!).

I love that when you watch the football you always tell me who to cheer for - for some reason you don't like red shirts very much.

I love that when we are out you still carry me everywhere even though Mummy is too small to do that (she says it's because I'm too big but we all know what the real issue is).

I love that you eat pretend picnics with me even though you are a big man and would probably prefer real cake to knitted cake! It's ok, I'm sure the miniature coffee makes it better.

I love that when you come home from work you make faces through the back window until I see you. I love that when I knock at the back door, instead of coming in you just knock back. I love that you take me outside to see Mr. Cat, even when it's entirely inappropriate like when it's raining, or when dinner is ready, or when I'm not wearing shoes!

I love that in the evenings we do acrobatics - you let me slide down your legs, you fling me over your shoulders or up into the air. You do this even when Mummy says we're supposed to be quietening down before bed - it's ok, it's fun (you do get quite excitable in the evenings, I hope you get to sleep ok).

I think this is what Mummy means when she says we should have quiet time...

I love that when I climb the stairs to go up to bed, you poke your nose through the bannisters to give me a kiss. I love your big cuddles and that you always like putting me to bed because I've missed you (and you've missed me too). I love that you sit with me until I fall asleep.

I love you for all the things you do.

But really,

I love you to the moon and back.

Because you are you.

Love and cuddles,

Your Ruby. xxx

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