Wednesday, 3 June 2015

#BEDM: The Best Bits

Blogging every day last month allowed me to really experiment. I wrote about a vast array of topics. I blogged outside of my niche (whatever that was). I tried linkys, interviews, opinion pieces, interiors, reviews - a bit of everything. Some things resonated with people more than others, some things got lots of hits more than others, and some I enjoyed more than others.

So, here's a round-up of my top 10 posts in May: #BEDM, The Best Bits

1st May 2015: Enjoying the Process

The one where I kicked off the challenge with a reflection on why I blog and why I needed the challenge.

2nd May 2015: Days Out, Tenterden, Kent

The one where me and my family spent the day in Tenterden sampling the steam railway, chocolate shops and cream teas. A lovely little Kentish town full of independent shops, history and charm!

5th May 2015: 6 Reasons You Won't Vote and Why You Should

The one where I implored all citizens of the UK to get out there on May 7th and to use their vote.

6th May 2015: Dear Kate

The one where I wrote to the Duchess of Cambridge and told her to channel her inner Taylor Swift.

12th May 2015: Why I can't proceed with teacher training

The one where I raised awareness for the plight of teachers and explained why I had to put my dream of being a teacher to rest.

15th May 2015: Days Out: The London Aquarium

The one where we went to the London Aquarium with a toddler.

18th May 2015: 5 books that changed my life

The one where I told you all about five books that had changed my life, from Jane Austen to the Bible, it's all in there.

20th May 2015: Why self marriage is missing the point

The one where I found out that it was possible to marry yourself, and why I think this misses the point of marriage.

22nd May 2015: Author Interview with Jess McGlynn & Secrets of the River

The one where I chatted to fellow blogger and debut author, Jess McGlynn, about her new book, Secrets of the River and what it takes to be a writer.

26th May 2015: Fun for toddlers with a cardboard box

The one where we turned my mum into an internet legend by showing off her imaginative crafty skills and what she did with a cardboard box.

What were your favourite posts in May? 

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