Saturday, 16 May 2015

Steinbeck, Car Share, CBeebies and Hats #littleloves

Yesterday I came across the #littleloves linky and loved the format so much that I instantly wanted to join in. I just like that it's simple and easy to write, but it gives you enough inspiration and flexibility to write what you want. So, here goes!


This week I've been reading Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. You might have read in this previous post that I was going to do my PGCE to teach secondary English, I'm not going to do that now but I still rediscovered my passion for reading and literature through the process. I had spent all my birthday money on books from the English syllabus and Of Mice and Men was one of those. I didn't study it at school but very much enjoyed the read, as well as the introduction (about half the book) which helped me to understand the context. I know, most of you probably said goodbye to this book when you were 16, but for me this was a great discovery of the American agricultural class. Now I'm looking forward to choosing my next literary classic!


Who's been watching Peter Kay's Car Share? We can't get enough of it! If yo haven't seen it, basicaly Peter Kay plays John, a middle manager at a supermarket. His company has introduced a car sharing policy and he is paired with Kayleigh, a regular cashier. They are total strangers and each episode documents their journey to and from work with nothing in between. It's a great format to a show and is funny because it's so true - strangers forced into a regular, intimate situation and we get to watch the awkwardness as their relationship develops. We're about three episodes in and their starting to become flirtatious friends - without their relationship extending beyond the car, of course. That's the point.


I blogged recently about my love for New Look's Petite section, and this t-shirt is currently my fav. If you're after a good, monochrome slogan tee then this is the one - pair it with skinny jeans, black blazer, heels and accessories and you've got a great, smart casual look for work or the pub.


All I've had in my head this week is various theme tunes to CBeebies programmes, namely Twirlywoos, Mr. Tumble, Mr. Bloom and Let's Play (grrr... hate that one!). I really need to start listening to music or podcasts, expanding my cultural horizons and all that, but I have to confess I'm pretty set in my ways when it comes to music. I do like a good, inspirational podcast (no hippie stuff though), so if anyone has any recommendations then hook me up!


I recently cast on this little toddler hat, in the hope that I could make six by Christmas. Not sure how that's going to pan out because I've done the ribbing and then lost momentum. Must try harder!

...and lastly!

Lastly, I have fallen in love with blogging again! Hurrah! Thanks to #BEDM (Blog Every Day in May) I have found inspiration, purpose, motivation and drive. 15 posts in 16 days isn't bad going for me, and I'm brimming with ideas and direction for this little space of mine, so stay tuned. I've 'met' some lovely people, read some amazing posts and become more inspired than ever. So thank you to everyone who has encouraged me so far - 15 days to go!



  1. I loved reading this post, welcome to #littleloves we don't really watch television, but you've got me intrigued with Car Share, I'm from the same part of Lancashire as Peter Kay and I just love his humour, it's so honest and real of the people I grew up with. Have a great week and well done with the #BEDM not sure I could do it, but I am trying to become more consistent

  2. I love Car Share, it's so funny. I couldn't stop giggling at the dogging episode! How great are New Looks t-shirts at the minute, I ended up buying three because I couldn't decide which one was my favourite xx

  3. Lovely post, welcome to Little Loves!
    I adore the Petite section at New Look. It's so good to finally find a Petite range that's affordable and has a wide selection to choose from.
    Enjoy your week! xx


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