Saturday, 9 May 2015


I love Saturdays.
They are the one day of the week that we have entirely to ourselves.
We choose to share them with friends and family, but we don't have to.
Saturdays are the days that we spend just the three of us.
When we go to the park, mooch around town or cosy up in front of the TV.

Saturdays are for living life in the slow lane.
Catching up on odd jobs and housework whilst sharing the load between us.
They are the days that we while away in coffee shops, us three, giggling and laughing and being together.

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They are not full of grand trips and excursions, as lovely as that would be, they are full of the every day, but the difference is it's us three.

We love the days when Daddy is at home. We sleep in, we laze about, we don't get dressed 'til late. We drink lattes from the coffee machine and tea from our tea pot. We take the time to eat breakfast and snuggle on the sofa under a quilt.

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Saturdays are not always productive days, but they are usually lovely days.

They are the days we look forward to, when Daddy is home and commitments are none and we can just be. Together. Us three.


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