Monday, 4 May 2015

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures. Those indulgent, enjoyable, simple things in life that perform no function other than giving you pleasure. Those things that you really shouldn't waste time doing when you should be doing something far more productive. Those things that other people would scorn you for investing in. Those things that give you, and only you, pleasure, when you know you really shouldn't.

That extra piece of cake.
An extra half hour in Starbucks when the housework is calling.
Jumping round the front room with Taylor Swift blaring.
Booking a babysitter so you can go and mooch around a bookshop alone.
Filling up you Kindle with chick lit when your bookshelves are full of classics.
Spoiling your kids just because you want to.
Settling down in the evening with a glass of wine when there's no special occasion.
Going out of your way to grab that coffee when you know that there was coffee at home and there will be coffee at your destination.
Buying more yarn when you have a zillion WIPs shoved under the bed, never again to see the light of day.
Buying said yarn from a posh yarn shop instead of ordering online which would be infinitely cheaper (especially when you factor in the train ticket and coffee order in order to get to said yarn shop).
Staying in your pyjamas until midday.
Singing musical songs (ok, Disney songs).
Watching Loose Women and pretending its current affairs.
Watching CBeebies... and enjoying it.

Guilty as charged.
And you know what?
I don't care.
Why should I feel guilty for doing the things I enjoy? Why not take some time to myself? Why not intersperse excitement into the mundane, frivolity into the necessary or pleasure into the daily grind? Who's judging you? Just yourself? 'Cause I can pretty much guarantee that no one else has even noticed your guilty pleasures, let alone cares about them.
So go for it! Carpe diem! Sieze the day! YOLO!

Enjoy life! Enjoy it to the full! Stop feeling guilty for the things that you know you're going to do anyway. Savour the moments. Be a little selfish sometimes. Your family and friends will thank you for it (I know my husband will!).


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  1. I found myself nodding along to this - pleasures yes, should we feel guilty I'm not so sure, but why then do we? Enjoy! #pocolo

  2. I almost dislike the saying Guilty Pleasures, why should we feel guilty! I love cake and it doesn't make me feel bad eating it! xx


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