Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Happiness is... Winter Sun

It's easy to believe that winter weather is without its merits, that the days are painfully short, it has rained for three months straight and the biting cold just makes you want to go into hibernation. If it weren't for the fact that other human beings were dependant upon me for survival, I probably would have been under my duvet since December 27th already!
Then, when you actually take a step back and enjoy winter for what it is, you realise that it's not all that bad. It only rained for the morning. It's not actually that cold (come on, it's not like we're in Maine, USA!) and when the sun is casting that wonderfully wintery glow across your path - the type that is so bright that you have to avert your eyes, and so low that it's right on your eye level - it just makes you feel nice and cosy and ready for some hot soup and a warm quilt in front of the evening's telly.

So, Winter, I salute you. You're not my favourite of seasons but you have your merits, and I do just love Winter Sun (now roll on some Summer Sun!).

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