Friday, 22 August 2014

Those Were the Days, Our London Days

Those were the days, our London days,

As the river ran endlessly through London town,
We stood proud at the cathedral in our graduation gowns.
The world was our oyster, it was ours to behold,
Nothing could stop us, we'd never grow old.

We walked with such purpose down Tottenham Court Road,
Unlike the tourists, we knew where to go.
Bustling and busy, we had places to be,
Things to do and people to see.

Those were the days, our London days,

When it was the norm to have a coffee order as long as your arm,
Extra wet, hold the foam, double shot charms,
Baristas who knew your name, made your day with a smile,
You've got enough to make it, as you cross the Square Mile.

When every day was different,
Though we did much of the same.
Always running for the bus,
Missing the tube or train.

Ducking and diving, we'd squeeze through the doors.
Eyes down, paper up, could we breathe in any more?
Searching back and forth, we'd spy for a seat,
Smelling old men's armpits, people crushing your feet.

Five thirty rolls around, at last we were free.
Jump back on the bus, to town for a quick tea.
Off out again, there's more we can do.
Pubs, parks, bars, restaurants,
Meeting people too.

Those were the days, our London days,

With tiny, damp flats, and landlords who don't care,
They'll just take your money, not worrying how you'll fare,
It was OK, we were only there to sleep,
Because London sucked you in, back in the early hours we'd creep.

London was the place to be,
Where the whole world comes to you,
Bakers Street currys, China Town for noodles too,
Sushi if you're healthy, fried chicken if you're not,
Street side candy floss if you want your teeth to rot!

Oh the fun we had, some special places we would go,
The South Bank at Christmas, Covent Garden, Millionaire's Row
Southgate to Stratford, and of course Angel Islington,
Politely declining the drug dealers at Kennington.

Those famous coloured lines, now ingrained in our brains,
Tell us where you're headed, we'll tell you the trains,
These days are now gone, London, we are apart.
But know that you will always have, a little place in my heart.


London was the city of my twenties. I lived there between 2004 and 2012. I went to Uni there and then built a life there. Now, about six months from my 30th birthday, I do sometimes wonder if I left my heart there! I know that only true Londoners will understand, let me know if that's you!

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