Friday, 8 August 2014

Getting Good at this #GetGoodSummer malarkay

If you've been following my #GetGoodSummer journey you'll know that I've been slow to... shall we say... warm up to it.

HOWEVER, despite the distinct lack of goal achievements... and probably the distinct lack of trying... I've still had the most productive six weeks of the year. And I'm starting to get into my stride, so who knows what could happen before September!

Anyway, a quick update on those goals:

1. Blog Three Times a Week
Well, if you include this post, then for the first time in my #GetGoodSummer journey, you can count this done! And the more you write, create and share, the more ideas you get and the more you do it. So look at this as building momentum and hopefully we'll keep this up!

2. Set Up my Home Office
As I said on my last update, this one's waiting for an injection of finances, but I've sent off those invoices so now I just need to wait the term out before I get to go shopping for a new desk and storage pieces. And if you've seen the state of my dining room, you'll know that this is most definitely a priority!

3. Get Published
No movement on this one, however, I've joined a networking group and I did send off a bit of a bold email today and you never know where these things might lead.

4. Finish that Quilt
Nope, it's still in the box. But I did get creative yesterday with some paper so you can look at that as my dose of craft for this week!

5. Invest in My Marriage
This has been happening somewhat unintentionally. We've been busy and the less time you spend together, the more you make the most of the time you have. So we've been watching less trash TV and having mroe conversations. And our weekends are looking freer now so there will be more summer fun for oour little family. This Saturday is our next date day - we're counting pennies at the moment so I don't think we'll be doing anything flash but we will be spending time together. We've just got to hope Hurricane Bertha doesn't spoil the fun!

I'm sure everyone else is getting on far better than me, so if you want to read about some proper #GetGoodSummer achievers then you can do so here.


  1. Wahey on the three blog posts! Well done! Glad that #GetGoodSummer is helping on the productivity front! Keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Well done on all your achievements, even if you haven't quite met all your targets - there's still time! I'm being very unproductive this month although I do have all three kids at home with me so that might be why! I guess at least I'm being productive on the motherhood front. Hope this comment works this time (not that it's exactly earth shattering!), don't know where it vanished too earlier! x


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