Thursday, 7 August 2014

Getting my craft on...

You may not know this but in a past life, I was something of a papercraft celebrity. 

That's right, I had what many craft fans would think was their dream job. I was a member of the papercraft media elite, scouring the industry for the very latest in papercraft trends, attending papercraft conferences and trade shows and schmoozing with papercraft stars. My world was a whirlwind of glitter, embellishments and pretty, oh so pretty, papers.

But it's been a while since I ventured back into the glamorous world of papercraft and this morning I just had the urge to create something with the humble medium that is paper, a little nod, if you like, to the career of my past.

.... and this was the result!

Four squares of parchment (ie. paper), an internet search, a bit of double-sided tape and a few folds later and here we have a lovely floral decoration for your home.

So quick, so simple but a nice flourish of creativity for my morning.

But be warned, it's dangerously addictive!

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