Thursday, 24 July 2014

... On Work - Life Balance

You don't have to be a genius to work out that my #GetGoodSummer Goals have fallen by the wayside.

1. Blog three times per week......
Uuummmm.... yeah....

2. Set up my home office.... 
I'm waiting for a big pay day to come in, and then I'll be able to think about ordering furniture etc. Suffice to say this is one goal I definitely will achieve once I can afford it. I am sooooooo over working on my dining table and having nowhere to file things.

3. Get published....
Sorry, been too busy publishing other people's work!

4. Finish that quilt
Nope, it's still in the box.

5. Invest in my marriage
Success! We did indeed have a date night last Friday and it was absolutely lovely. Ruby was packed off to Grandma's house and we went out to our local pub for dinner and then ran home in the storm with thunder roaring and lightning flashing. Was a good night. But no, I didn't take any pictures - silly me!

So here's the deal.

My house currently looks like a tornado has hit it. There are no clean clothes and today, when I finally went to do washing I realised we had run out of washing liquid. The dishes are piled high. We've also run out of bin bags so there is a growing mountain of rubbish and my daughter has taken to throwing all of her toys and books across the room instead of playing with them. There is no food in the cupboards.

Last week my chief babysitter (ie. Mum) went away so I didn't have any childcare and my work was at an all time high. How grateful I am for all the help she gives me when she's here!

But here's the thing: When you're self-employed work is either a feast or a famine. When it comes along you take it. You never say no. This is how I put food on the table. I work for two weeks solid and then I might have two weeks off. But it's always in my brain. Every time my phone beeps I feel overwhelmed at the thought of having more work, but excited at the thought of having more work.

I love it. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

But learning to handle the juggling act is a constant battle. How do you switch off? How do you stay disciplined and leave things for tomorrow? How do you give due attention to your home, to your kids and to your marriage whilst still completing all the tasks and working 24/7 for clients who think you're available 24/7?

I don't know.

But I do believe that when you throw yourself whole-heartedly into life, you can achieve the impossible. When you say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, you don't know where it might lead. I believe in living not existing.

And sometimes that means the dishes won't get done.

Sometimes that means that the initial goals won't be met.

But life is fluid, goals evolve and change. Why get stressed over not meeting those goals when you're actually achieving so much more than those goals!

So, once again, if my #GetGoodSummer goals were the following, then I would have achieved them all with style!

  • Completing a long running project that I thought would never end!
  • Having a date night.
  • Supporting a friend through one of life's worst challenges.
  • Having a great day looking after a friend's daughter.
  • Having a spontaneous beer garden drink with our neighbours.
  • Preaching in church this message.
  • Booking tickets for this on Friday night and arranging a babysitter in advance.
  • Upgrading my phone all by myself and not being conned into buying insurance that I didn't need.

I'll still be aiming high and hopefully achieving all the goals - we've still got six weeks left....... right? But in the mean time, I'll be enjoying life and drowning under mountains of proofs.


  1. The date night sounds good, it's always great to get a chance to catch up with your other half properly. I think the fact that you have achieved some things is all that matters and you still have plenty of time left to work on your set goals as and when you are ready. Good luck x

  2. Date night sounds fab, my hubby & I desperately need a few of those! Damn that feast or famine scenario, it's a bugger. No idea how you'd juggle it tbh, and feel this way sometimes just with bits & pieces I do. Still got six weeks left lovely, i'm sure the office and quilt will appear in one of these posts soon :-) #getgoodsummer


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