Thursday, 26 June 2014

Get Good Summer - The most productive 10 weeks of the year!

I love a resolution and I need no excuse to make one - when it comes to goal setting, I am there!

It's keeping those resolutions that are the problem!

So when Claire over at Clarina's Contemplations challenged us once again to Get Good Summer I got that excitable feeling that comes with the thrill of setting a new list of goals. The (rather good) idea is that we spend the next 10 weeks having our most productive summer ever. We set ourselves five goals and each Thursday we link up and see how we're all getting on (first rule of goal setting - be accountable!). Then, by the time September rolls around, we'll have achieved so much we won't be able to believe our eyes!

But before my imagination runs away with me as I dream about the complete turnaround that my life is about to take, remember, the goals must be specific, measurable and realistic.... hmmm, here is my downfall. When it comes to goal setting, I am always vague, flaky and entirely unrealistic (I like to think of it as ambitious!).

But anyway, in a bid to Get Good Summer and to turn my life around in the space of 10 weeks, here are my goals, out here for the world to see and judge me on. Who knows what could happen!

Blog three times per week
My little corner of the web often falls into neglect when life gets busy and I feel overwhelmed, but I know it takes 21 days to form a habit, right? And three posts a week is achievable - it's not the ideas that I'm short on, it's just prioritising it, that's all.
Specific goal:
To spend Sunday evenings each week planning, writing and scheduling three blog posts

Set up my home office
Since moving house I've been feeling in a state of disarray. My dining room is currently full of boxes of paperwork, I have years worth of paperwork piled up and I can never find anything I need. I've had four double-booking disasters in the last month when previously my schedule was programmed into my brain. I'm also finding that although I 'work from home', I actually work from Caffe Nero which is bad for the bank balance. I believe a home office, now that we have a nice space under the stairs, is in part the answer to all of these problems to help me on my way to a more organised, efficient wife, mother and business woman (and it will save on those coffees!).
Specific goal:
To create an area that I will enjoy working in, where everything is organised and easy to find. I will purchase a desk and two filing cabinets, set it all up, file everything away and commit to working there instead of going to Caffe Nero.

Get Published
Since becoming self-employed, I've focused my attention on the editing side of things because that's where my client base is. However, my real passion is writing and I don't do enough of it. I always wanted to be a journalist, not necessarily an editor, so over this summer I commit to getting my writing published.
Specific goal:
Over the next 10 weeks I will brainstorm, research and pitch five article ideas to publishers, as well as try guest blogging on other people's blogs. I will take the rejections and use it as a springboard into a new habit. When updating my blog, I will think in terms of showcasing my writing for publishers to see.

Finish that quilt
When I was on maternity leave I began making a quilt for Ruby. I started out with great vigour and enthusiasm. I stitched together the quilt top and was very proud of my achievement. Then I stopped because quilting and binding it seemed too hard. By the time September rolls around, Ruby (now 15 months) will have her quilt!
Specific goal:
I will set aside Thursday evenings to finish that quilt!

Invest in my marriage
This year it has very much seemed like Jon and I have been passing like ships in the night! He's had more opportunity to work overtime, then when he comes home he takes over from looking after Ruby while I work. We're often out doing various different activities with church and I don't remember the last time we had a weekend with no plans. I certainly don't remember the last time we had a date... I think it was January!
Specific goal:
I will schedule three date nights over the next 10 weeks and arrange a babysitter in advance, ensuring that there is a budget for us to do something nice together.
So, here's to the best summer ever! Every Thursday I'll be letting you know how I'm getting on and linking up over at Clarina's Contemplations. Why not join in the fun?! Link up every Thursday and follow along on Twitter with #GetGoodSummer.


  1. Great goals. The last one is brilliant - hubby and I can sometimes be like that and with kids, you have to set aside specific time to do things / date nights. Good luck! #GetGoodSummer

  2. They are great goals. I need to plan posts better and I think investing in your marriage is very important.
    Good luck x

  3. Good luck with your goals, the quilt seems like a great one to achieve #getgoodsummer

  4. I'd say these goals are still pretty ambitious! Good on you for going for it! Hoping we get a nice little tour of your home office at the end! Looking forward to seeing how you get on, and cheering you on from the blogosphere! Thanks for joining the #GetGoodSummer fun!x

  5. Thank you everyone! Claire, if you think these are ambitious you should have seen my original list! Haha. I'm not one to do things by half measures! But then, we'll have to see if they actually happen now! I think I could achieve at least two of them pretty easily....

  6. Love these goals! I have a couple that are similar. Best of luck with it all :)

  7. I love these goals, especially how you've brought it right down to the specifics. I think you will definitely achieve them! I'm looking forward to seeing how they all turn out, good luck lovely :) #getgoodsummer

  8. Great goals. Having date nights is hard. I want to make a quilt too, but its on a list of about 1000 craft projects x


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