Thursday, 22 May 2014

Artigras 2014


Last weekend Ashford high street was invaded by a small army of talented crafts people for Artigras - an arts festival organised by The Centre for Creativity & Enterprise. There were craft stalls, face painting and live music, plus the high street had been decorated with various art installations and yarn bombings! So much fun to see dreary Ashford brightened up with a bit of crafty goodness, the weather was fantastic and it was a great opportunity to buy handmade and get to know some of the amazingly talented people in the area. 


Some good friends of mine had craft stalls and I promised them all I would include them in my blog, but they are so talented and so unique that squeezing them into this blog post wouldn't do them justice so I've decided to showcase their talents in separate posts over the next few weeks. Watch this space!

In the mean time, check out all that the Centre for Creativity & Enterprise do. If you're a local creative business person then you quite literally NEED to know them. They run business workshops, blogging workshops, they provide art installations for office space, they are a public gallery and they provide a forum for local artists and crafts people to sell their creations. They also have meeting rooms for hire and provide hot desk workstations. There is so much going on there and it's developing all the time so pop in and see them or check out their online shop and website.

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