Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Baby Diaries: 1 Whole Year!

It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since you came into our lives! How appropriate that on Easter Sunday 2013 - a day when we celebrate new life, hope and God's life-changing love for us - I was in the long process of giving birth to you - our hope was fulfilled! Of course it took so long, that despite us making a start at 4am on Easter Sunday, you didn't make your grand entrance into the world until 2am on Easter Monday.

April 1st 2013

And what a year it's been! You've turned our worlds upside down, given us so much joy, laughter and cuddles and made an impact on everyone you meet. We now know what it is to love unconditionally, to willingly and unswervingly sacrifice our own wants and desires for the welfare of another and to live in the moment, in utter, glorious wonder for what God has created.

Our hearts are overwhelmed by the very fact that God has not just allowed us, but chosen us, to be your parents! What a privilege!

You have the most arresting, heart warming, glorious smile the world has ever seen.

2nd April 2014

You are sensitive to other people's moods and emotions and when someone is sad or vulnerable you have a habit of siding up to them and snuggling in to try and make them smile.

Your laugh is contagious.

You are learning new things every day. You know how to match similar things together, you know what you're supposed to do and you know when you're doing things you're not supposed to do!

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day this year you took your first, tentative steps! You're actually pretty good at walking, you just need to realise that you can do it!

Your Daddy is your hero. He comes home every day when you're having your dinner and you get so excited you nearly fall out of your highchair!

We've just started putting you in a forward facing buggy and you lean over the sides, keen to see everything that's going on. So much so that you don't feel the need to sleep while we're out and about anymore!

You point at everything! Especially moving cars. You love moving cars.

You like to steal people's glasses, hide odd socks and fling your toys behind you! You can not leave drying washing alone and feel the need to pull it off the dryers at every opportunity.

You are still scared of grass.

You love swings.

2nd April 2014

You are confident, happy and not the least bit clingy - which is lovely because it means you'll give anyone a hug!

You love your food and will eat pretty much anything, but you do have a sweet tooth. Recently you've enjoyed feeding Mummy raisins instead of eating them yourself. We've stopped worrying about your weight but I think you're about 18lbs. Still quite petite, but perfect in every way!

You are the joy of our lives and you make our little house a home full of laughter and games.

22nd March 2014

Happy Birthday to our precious gem, Ruby Hope Rose. There is no one quite like you.


  1. Ahhh... Happy birthday little Ruby!!x

  2. This is so beautiful I'm sure Ruby will love to read this when she's older. xx

  3. I hope so, Sharon. I'm nowhere near organised enough to keep up with a baby book so these posts are gold! X


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