Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Over the threshold...

I love this picture.

I've just arrived at my wedding and I wait at the doorway, ready to take those first tentative steps into marriage, into adulthood, into the rest of my life.

There are some doorways in life that we have to step through. We cannot tell what is beyond that door, we cannot foresee the future. But we will never know what could have been, unless we boldy push the door open, step over the threshold and see what happens!

What thresholds are you peering over as we step from 2013 into 2014?


I'm gently easing myself back into blogging after a really manic December when I went offline and tried to sort out my real life! But I'm back, and feeling good about 2014.

I thought, nice and simple, it would be fun to take part in a few linkies to help me get back on track, so today I'm joining in the fun at #TheThemeGame, and this week's theme was 'Doorway'.

The Reading Residence


  1. That is a gorgeous picture - you look beautiful. And the flowers are stunning. Such a lovely post - a doorway full of hopes and a new future, just wonderful. Thanks for sharing it and joining in with #TheThemeGame x

  2. I agree, a gorgeous picture and you look so happy. Very honoured that you chose #TheThemeGame to ease yourself back into blogging and I love your analogy.

  3. Beautiful photo, you look so very young. Mich x

  4. Lovely post, great minds think alike! We have the doorway to starting full time school to go through later this year #thethemegame

  5. Thank you everyone! Mich, I was 22. I look at these pictures now and realise we were just babies! My mum once said that I used to have that exact same expression when I was a toddler and feeling a bit unsure! :)

  6. Your expression is just wonderful, slightly unsure but the hint of a smile. That is a really big threshold to cross, but a super exciting one xx #TheThemeGame

  7. I agree with 'mumturnedmom'. I also love your expression as you embark through your exciting doorway. You look beautiful!


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