Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Baby Diaries: 7 months

You're seven months. Where's my baby gone?!

You're moving around like a whizz kid, crawling everywhere, never staying in one place! If I'm out by the washing machine, you'll come and find me. You can't be trusted to stay and play with your toys, I'll always come back to you chewing on a cable, or screwing up a magazine (definitely time we baby proofed this house!).

You've totally skipped learning to sit and it seems you would much rather get about by crawling. You occasionally go from all fours onto your bottom with your hands out on the floor at the side, but you haven't shown any inclination for proper sitting!

You can however pull yourself up on your knees and sit quite comfortably like that. Yesterday you even pulled yourself up onto your feet... for a very brief moment! I'm sure it won't be long before you're toddling about!

You weigh 12lb 13oz. Still mini, but perfect in every way and the health visitors are finally happy to leave us to it rather than checking up on you every fortnight!

You've been loving your food! We've been giving you purees and you'll eat pretty much everything and every flavour. You now sit in highchairs whenever we go out. You're still a bit small for them and because you can't sit up properly we have to prop you up sometimes but you're getting the hang of it! All the coffee baristas in town know you and enjoy getting lots of smiles while you're meant to be eating!

Our breastfeeding days are definitely numbered. Of course, you now have two bottom teeth which took a bit of getting used to, but also you can go a lot longer without breastfeeding now, and with the introduction of a beaker, you just don't need me as much. Still, we still have lots of snuggles to make up for it.

We had some success sitting you in your inflatable do-nut and leaving you to watch CBeebies while I have a shower each morning. But now you're bored by all that sitting and you have worked out how to tip yourself out of it!

You love mirrors and are fascinated by your reflection! We have lots of fun making silly faces and smiles.

You love visiting your Grandparents round the corner and give lots of smiles and giggles when Nana comes to play. She looks after you while Mummy works and you have a brilliant time.

We've also started you in your big buggy now which you seem to enjoy. You get to see a lot more of the world that way!

We're enjoying the transition into winter too because you can wear lots of cute dresses and tights!

I feel like we're entering a new era where you're much less little baby and more pre-toddler. I am very quickly learning that babies don't stay babies for long! But hopefully we can keep you small for a little while longer!

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