Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Don't Send Me, God!

Since joining the leadership team of our church this summer, I knew the day would come where I would be asked to preach.

That day was Sunday.

Me, standing at the front, speaking to a room of people. And not just blabbering on about any old crap, but attempting to speak knowledgeably and articulately about the Bible. The Word of God.


See, I don't know how much you know about the Bible and the characters within, but allow me to explain. There are a couple of protagonists often cited as examples of unworthy people who God decided to use anyway.

1. Moses
God told Moses to go before Pharaoh and ask for the people of Israel to be released from Egypt. Moses' response? 'Don't send me, God, send someone else. I am rubbish at public speaking.'

I am Moses. I love communicating. I have lots to say. I believe that good communication can change lives. But give me a pen and paper or a laptop over a speaking engagement any day!

2. Gideon
Gideon was asked by God to rescue his people from the Midianites who were treating them very cruelly. God actually found him hiding in a wine press (as if you can hide from God!). Gideon's response? 'Don't send me God. Send someone else. I'm so small and insignificant. I am the least of the least. Why would anyone listen to me?'

I am Gideon. I'm the small, awkward, kind of shy girl that would rather hide at the back than live on the front row. There are bigger, stronger, more exciting people who could do a much better job.

3. Timothy
Timothy was Paul's protégé. Paul wrote much of the New Testament and was responsible for spreading Christianity across much of the known world. Paul wrote in his letter to Timothy 'Don't let anyone think less of you because you're young.'

I am Timothy. We don't know his specific set of circumstances, but we know he was young and he was feeling insecure about it. Aside from the children, I am actually the youngest member of our congregation. I lack experience. I lack wisdom. I lack formal training. I'm definitely not a theologian or bible scholar!

BUT (and with God there's always a But!) God used all of these people significantly. All of these people became history makers because ultimately they were obedient to the call of God. They weren't perfect (Moses was a murderer for a start!), but they loved God and were obedient to his call.

So on Sunday I got up, having done no public speaking since school, and, with hands shaking and shallow breath, I began to speak. I was obedient to what God had placed on my heart. After a few minutes I started to breathe. I stopped shaking. It began to feel like the most natural thing in the world. I ended up speaking for 30 minutes. I actually enjoyed it. I think other people enjoyed it. And may I say it went well?

Lesson learnt: When God calls you to something, as scary as it may be, step into it. He will meet you there. Where your abilities end, he will come with His abilities and bridge the gap. Take that step of faith! Who knows, you could make history!


Got a work presentation, speaking engagement or interview coming up? Come back tomorrow for some practical tips on public speaking that I found helpful.

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  1. Doesn't he always look after us, well done for stepping out and doing it. Mich x


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