Thursday, 3 October 2013

When God Tries to Tell You Something ~ Part 2

Last week we went to a party. There were lots of people there, most people we knew quite well. Others we have met on occasion and really hit it off, but we've never quite managed to break into that particular social circle, as much as we like and get on with those particular people.

As we were walking back I found myself lamenting to my husband: I wish we could be friends with these people. They're fun. Decent. They're at exactly the same stage in life. We get on. It would just be so nice if we could get in with that crowd.

Now, don't get me wrong. We have friends. We like our friends. But since moving from London we don't have many friends our age. And we don't have many friends who have just had babies. I'm not by any means lonely. And I'm so busy half the time I have no clue how I would fit more friends in! But something within me was sad that we weren't a part of this particular crowd.

During this conversation, I did have to remind myself that I had bumped into a lovely girl from our antenatal class at a craft fair and that we were meeting for coffee the following day. So, you know, not all was lost. At least our babies were the same age.

I then thought of another girl from our antenatal class. I had bumped into her at our local chippie a couple of months earlier. We had swapped numbers but apart from the odd text, we hadn't quite managed to meet up.

I'll text her tonight, I thought. Maybe she can come for coffee tomorrow.

We turned the corner and crossed the road. And who should be leaving a house with her partner and baby? But that second girl! [We live in a reasonably big town. That wasn't her house either. The chances of this happening and us being there at that particular moment are practically nil].

She was so happy to see us. We chatted for a long while. She was going away the next day so couldn't come for coffee, but could we go and weigh our babies together next week?

As we walked away something whispered into my spirit. These are the friends I've placed in your life. Stop wishing for those other friendships. You're in the right place.


I blogged a few days ago about how God spoke to me through a series of events and helped me make a difficult decision. As I said then, I don't normally blog about my faith. But people often ask me how I know God is speaking to me, and these are just two recent examples which might serve to help me explain. I hope in some way it might encourage you or help you to understand the realities of faith.


  1. How wonderful to be guides like that

  2. I firmly believe that sometimes you are shown the openings and sometimes you may miss them if you don't open your eyes wide enough. These ladies are obviously the ones who are 'meant to be' for you :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


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