Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Baby Diaries: 6 months

You're six months old! Half a year! Already?!

Where does the time go?!

You now weigh 12lb5oz. We finally managed to break the 12lb mark, it's taken you six months to put on a little over four pounds and when you think in these terms, it really does sound like slow progress! But you're perfect in every way so no-one's worried over it. You're just quite petite, that's all.

I'm still approached by strangers almost every day with lovely comments about your smile, how alert you are, how responsive, how beautiful. I know everyone loves all babies, but it's lovely to think that you bring so much joy to so many peoples' lives.

Just this week you have cut your first teeth, crawled forwards (you've been in reverse up to this point!) and started to pull yourself up onto furniture. It's amazing to see you concentrate so hard, working out your next movements and begin to understand that if you repeat certain actions you get certain results.

You seem to be growing up so fast. I know that before we know it we'll be celebrating your first birthday and then within a blink of an eye you'll be at school or leaving home! We're trying to treasure every moment.

This month you started to try different foods. We began with porridge, which you love, and moved onto purees at lunch time. Your favourite is pasta bolognese (you are your parents' daughter!). You were immediately very independent and wanting to feed yourself. You began by carefully holding the neck of the spoon, but this week just starting sliding your hand down the spoon and sucking the food off your hands! It's made for some very messy meal times!

Now that you're cutting teeth I'm thinking maybe our breastfeeding days are numbered. I thought that I was ok with that, but maybe I'm not.

When you're crawling you can sometimes look so tiny that it looks almost impossible that you should be doing these things! As if you're super advanced! It does, however, mean that we're having to start thinking a lot more about safety ~ it's incredible what small things can become hazardous when you have a baby on the move!  

This month we travelled to Norfolk so you could meet your Great Grandma & Grandpa for the first time! They very much enjoyed having you and it was lovely to watch Grandpa playing with you on his lap. You made him smile!

Daddy started a new job, and Mummy resigned from hers. We're now on an adventure which will see her becoming self employed and running her own business. I want you to grow up knowing that we worked really hard to provide for you and that ultimately, you can be anything you want to be, and that if you put your mind to something, it can be limitless. I hope I can model these values to you so that you grow up to be hard working and ambitious.

We went to your Chloe & Phoebe's first birthday party, and this week we're going to Sienna's. It's so lovely that you're getting to share these milestones together. I hope that that will continue well into the future!

We bought your first shoes, some cute pink high-tops. But you're more interested in eating them than wearing them!

You're sleeping much better in your cot now, although I'm beginning to wonder whether you'll ever sleep through the night! Let's just say it's a work in progress!

We're now starting to think about your first Christmas and have even bought you some presents (we're never that organised!). Here's hoping Santa will be kind this year!

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