Saturday, 5 October 2013

Quick Make: Dry Wipe Memo Board

Everyone needs a sweet memo board in their house. Where else do you write reminders, shopping lists, messages or words of encouragement? I had an old picture frame that wasn't displaying anything in particular so I decided to turn it into a memo board.

1. Take one old picture frame.
2. Remove the back and insert some pretty patterned paper. If the pattern is quite busy, you may like to insert a piece of plain card so that your memos show up against the background.
3. Replace the back.
4. Use a dry wipe marker pen to create reminders, messages and lists.

Ours hangs by the front door. I like to write my favourite Bible verses on there so that when I leave the house I can remind myself of something encouraging. My verse at the moment is:

"Ask for anything in my [Jesus'] name... and I will do it!" 
~ John 14:14.

A great reminder that God is able to fulfill all of our needs and answer all of our prayers if we believe!


  1. Ooh! I like this idea! And great way to remind yourself of Scripture! Love it!xx

  2. Thanks Claire - it's so simple but has made such a difference and looks a lot nicer than your average wipe board! If you had a pretty frame you could paint the glass with chalk board paint if you prefer a black board.


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