Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Success: How to Achieve it and Keep it

I have a new philosophy on success. I've applied this philosophy to my freelance career but it works in every area of life. You might say that I've had an epiphany. A revelation, in fact. And had I had this revelation sooner, and recognised this law of success at work in my own life, then maybe I would be somewhere very, very different right now.

My discovery is the law of Just. One. Thing.

Life is made up of an accumulation of One Things. Your success is dependent on you doing Just One Thing. And if you do enough One Things, and you do them well, then probability dictates that some of them will succeed and change will occur.

For years I dreamed of being a freelance writer. For years I poured all my time, talents and efforts into working for somebody else, wishing I could just work for myself, create my own destiny, build my own success rather than the success of a corporation which sees me as valuable but replaceable.

I never had the guts to go freelance. I didn't have the confidence, I didn't see the value in my own skills or experience and I definitely didn't have the time or the financial security to quit my day job.

However, when I had my baby girl, circumstances and finance finally dictated that it made more sense for me to have a go at freelancing than get a new job which would fit around our new family. So this year I took the plunge into building a freelance career.

I remember my first day. I took Ruby to my mum's house and sat up in my parent's bedroom, drafting out query emails while Mum looked after Ruby downstairs. I wasn't expecting a response. I was prepared for there to be a period of time before I was commissioned. A period of building, researching, introducing, querying. It would be a while before I saw the fruits of my labour.

Less than 24 hours later, I had a proofreading commission with a major book publisher.

You would think that this initial success spurred me on to generate more work. It didn't. I completed this commission successfully, I got paid, I received good feedback. Then I stopped.


Because it had been too easy. I convinced myself that never again would I be able to get a commission in that fashion and somehow that stopped me from trying.

Then came the epiphany.

I had sent one email. I had one response. Which resulted in one job and generated one paycheck.

Just one!

It just takes One thing. And an accumulation of Ones will create a whole.

Some Ones won't generate results. But if you do enough Ones, then probability dictates that some of them will generate success. And those successes will hopefully generate more success in the form of repeat business.

It only takes One thing.

If I could repeat this pattern, then surely I would generate more work. And since then, that is what has happened. I jumped back on the horse and every day that I have set aside for queries has resulted in a job. From now on, I am committed to doing Just One Thing every day to further my freelance career. Whether that be sending an email, writing a blog post, generating ideas or researching an article.

And what I am terming The Law of One can translate into every area of life. Whatever your goal - whether that be writing, exercising, job-hunting or knitting - just do One thing each day and over the course of time, you'll see success.

What One Thing can you do today to generate success in your life?

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