Friday, 20 September 2013

TRENDS: Cross Stitch

I'm no fashionista, and this is no fashion blog, but when crafts and mainstream fashion collide it's always worth a mention! Has anyone noticed the Autumn/Winter cross stitch trend? Everywhere I go there seems to be a penchant for the stitchy good stuff in the fashion world! Particularly in New Look & George @ Asda, but if you've seen others then do tell!

Cross stitch - often seen as the poor, frumpy cousin of more skilled past times such as embroidery or dressmaking, is actually one of my favourite crafts. Yes, it's time consuming and methodical rather than wildly creative with instant results - but that's the charm of it.

Here's 5 reasons everyone should have a go at this pixelated artform:

Anyone can do it!
Think you're not creative or crafty? But desperately want to jump on board the handmade, crafty train that's been picking up speed these past few years? Cross stitch should be top of your list! You need to be able to count squares, bring a needle up through a ready-made hole, and take it back down again through the next hole ~ and that is essentially it! Hard core cross stitch artists may disagree of course, and it could be argued that the skill is in perfecting a neat reverse - but no one looks at the reverse, so while you're getting good, it's all OK.

Quick to fix
I love knitting. Problem is, I can't correct mistakes. If I go wrong, I have to rip it all out and start again, which is why I have a zillion UFOs languishing in my craft corner waiting for the fixing fairy to come and work her magic. Go wrong in cross stitch and there's no need to worry!You just unpick the stitches back to where you made the mistake and carry on. There's no risk of anything unraveling, you haven't wasted any materials and as long as you notice quick enough, it doesn't waste too much time! Also, unlike knitting, it's really easy to come back to and know exactly where you left off which, in my experience, greatly reduces the risk of mistakes!

Typography is King
I love typography, quotes and words in all forms, and what better way to immortalise your favourite quote or lyric in thread than in a good ol' cross stitch sampler. The possibilities are endless!

Portable, cheap & requires virtually no storage
All these qualities are what, for me, places cross stitch above all other crafts. What other craft fulfills all three of these criteria? Knitting is certainly not cheap if you like quality wool (and whose yarn stash has outgrown under the bed?), papercraft has the potential to take over your house (and your bank balance!) and sewing requires some sort of desk if you're to use your machine on a regular basis. Cross stitch, on the other hand, requires Aida, needle, thread and hoop and off you go!

You're the artist!
Once you've mastered the basics of the craft, it's really easy to create your own designs (whereas in knitting I feel like you need a PhD in Advanced Mathematics!). Grab some graph paper or go freestyle, as long as you get the spacing right, you can pretty much create anything!

So, while the catwalk is acknowledging that cross stitch is cool (and we've known all along, of course!), maybe now is the time to give it a whirl. You'll be so on trend, dahhling, and the fash-pack will be banging at the door to get a piece of your skillz.


This weekend I have the privilege of featuring in Vicky Welton's Post, Comment, Love, (#PoCoLo) Newbie Showcase, hosted by Jaime Oliver; if you've come from there then welcome! If you haven't, I suggest you hot-foot it over there immediately to find a whole bunch of new blogs that you really should be reading!


  1. I have come from there! Pleased I did, your blog is very pretty :)

  2. Hello, popped by from PoCoLo to your pretty blog. I haven't done cross stitch for years but am thinking of starting and teaching my 9 year old at the same time.

  3. Welcome ladies!
    You should totally teach your child to cross stitch! It's so achievable even for the youngest lit'luns. Can't wait for my 6mo old to muster up enough hand eye coordination to craft... may be a while...

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  5. Emily i so need to give this ago i have always wanted to do something craft - so far crafty and i have not got on well!

    thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo & being on the showcase :-)

  6. Jaime, cross stitch is perfect for you then!

  7. Argh! I need those jumpers!!! :) Promise I'll give cross stitch a try soon!


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