Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Typewriter Love: A Dream Fulfilled!

You may remember that I have been having a love affair with the vintage typewriter for a while. My business cards feature them and I wrote a post a while back about why I love them so.

Well, much to my glee and excitement, I found one! I was browsing the charity shops in Maidstone and this caught my eye from a window display. After, oh, a second of consideration on whether it was a worthwhile purchase (Ummm, yeah!), I rushed off to the nearest ATM to withdraw the £30 before someone else snuck in and got there before me.

After asking the man to retrieve it from the display I was thrilled to find it still had its original leather case and apart from needing a dust, was in pretty good nick.

"Don't you want to check it works?" asked the man.
"Nope!" I chirped. "It's for decoration." (Big grin from ear to ear).
(Not sure said man fully understood the beauty of what I had just found!)

Once I left the shop, I realised just how heavy my new toy was! I mean, it has a case with a handle, did people actually walk around with them like we do laptops?! Or is that a ridiculous question?

I worked out a way to precariously balance the typewriter on the handle of my buggy (yes, I had a screaming baby in tow ~ I am ridiculous!) and trooped off to the train station to make my way home. I must have had so many weird looks! And then, as luck would have it, I got stopped by the local news team to do a vox-pop on why I breastfeed. Not sure they realised how exhausted I was and I managed to make an idiot of myself on local news. Go me!

Anyway, I digress.

The point is, I now own a vintage typewriter with its original leather case.

My life is complete.

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