Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Picture Perfect Thrifty Finds

I love rummaging around charity shops. I can spend hours having a wander around town in the (often vain) hope of finding some vintage treasure. The charity shops in my area, though numerous, are not often a source of great excitement but every so often they throw up a little surprise or two. So a few weeks ago I was thrilled to find these two prints for just £1.49 each. I have visions of Ruby's room being a girly, vintage style haven and these fitted the image perfectly!

Does anyone remember the name of these? When I was a child I had a duvet set with a similar series of illustrations on. I was wondering if they were very popular.

Obviously the mounts weren't particularly attractive so I invested in a pair of pretty vintage style frames. I'd love to say that my local charity shops provided a nice, vintage set that I upcycled but these were from Wilkinsons!

I did have big plans for upcycling the old ones but alas, they kind of broke apart when I tried to remove the prints from them!

Oh the romance!


  1. Oh, I love this adorable pictures! You found a treasure. Love your blog, too! Stopping by and following from the Weekend Blog Hop. :)


  2. Thanks, Kathy, I still smile when I walk past them on Ruby's bookshelf!


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