Friday, 30 August 2013

An Epiphany

A little while ago, I had the privilege of going to the head office of DK Books in London to take part in a focus group on social media and crafts.

Blogging, social media, books and crafts ~ these are a few of my favourite things! And I got to sit and talk about them with other people who love them just as much!


It was only scheduled to last an hour but we could have talked for aaaages! (I realise I'm using a lot of !!!! ~ this is what is known as lazy writing ~ slap wrist for me!). If it weren't for the fact that Mum was waiting across the road in a coffee shop looking after Ruby, I would have lingered longer!

And you know what I realised? I know stuff!

I know things that other people don't know.

Us bloggers are a wealth of knowledge, on topics that other people don't know about. It's not geekery, it's expertise!

Isn't that funny? You go through life, just pottering away with your quirky little interests that no one else seems to understand. And then you get asked about them. And you end up sounding quite, well, knowledgeable!

Me? Knowledgeable? About crafts? And social media? And blogging? If you had asked me back when I graduated university with a journalism degree if this was the direction I saw my life taking, I would have looked at you in bewilderment! But now that I am here, I love it. I love that I am a crafts journalist. I used to think it was such a pain, that it was too niche, that I could never create a career out of crafts. But I now think I can. Because I know things that other people don't know!

What a lovely hour it was! Chatting with the likes of Miriam, Joanne, Holly and the DK Team.

Of course, they didn't allow us to go home empty handed, and we left laden with some beautiful new craft books to have a look at. I'll be posting about them soon ~ watch this space!

In the mean time, check out DK's Pinterest account ~ they have some lovely ideas on gifts, home decor and baking.
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Typewriter Love: A Dream Fulfilled!

You may remember that I have been having a love affair with the vintage typewriter for a while. My business cards feature them and I wrote a post a while back about why I love them so.

Well, much to my glee and excitement, I found one! I was browsing the charity shops in Maidstone and this caught my eye from a window display. After, oh, a second of consideration on whether it was a worthwhile purchase (Ummm, yeah!), I rushed off to the nearest ATM to withdraw the £30 before someone else snuck in and got there before me.

After asking the man to retrieve it from the display I was thrilled to find it still had its original leather case and apart from needing a dust, was in pretty good nick.

"Don't you want to check it works?" asked the man.
"Nope!" I chirped. "It's for decoration." (Big grin from ear to ear).
(Not sure said man fully understood the beauty of what I had just found!)

Once I left the shop, I realised just how heavy my new toy was! I mean, it has a case with a handle, did people actually walk around with them like we do laptops?! Or is that a ridiculous question?

I worked out a way to precariously balance the typewriter on the handle of my buggy (yes, I had a screaming baby in tow ~ I am ridiculous!) and trooped off to the train station to make my way home. I must have had so many weird looks! And then, as luck would have it, I got stopped by the local news team to do a vox-pop on why I breastfeed. Not sure they realised how exhausted I was and I managed to make an idiot of myself on local news. Go me!

Anyway, I digress.

The point is, I now own a vintage typewriter with its original leather case.

My life is complete.

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Picture Perfect Thrifty Finds

I love rummaging around charity shops. I can spend hours having a wander around town in the (often vain) hope of finding some vintage treasure. The charity shops in my area, though numerous, are not often a source of great excitement but every so often they throw up a little surprise or two. So a few weeks ago I was thrilled to find these two prints for just £1.49 each. I have visions of Ruby's room being a girly, vintage style haven and these fitted the image perfectly!

Does anyone remember the name of these? When I was a child I had a duvet set with a similar series of illustrations on. I was wondering if they were very popular.

Obviously the mounts weren't particularly attractive so I invested in a pair of pretty vintage style frames. I'd love to say that my local charity shops provided a nice, vintage set that I upcycled but these were from Wilkinsons!

I did have big plans for upcycling the old ones but alas, they kind of broke apart when I tried to remove the prints from them!

Oh the romance!
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Monday, 5 August 2013

The Baby Diaries: 4 months

We missed our 3 month diary entry because July was such a busy month. But that didn't stop you from growing and learning new things!

You are now 4 months old. How time has flown! You are most definitely not a newborn any longer.

You weigh 10lb 110z - still on the very petite side and putting you in the 0.4th centile, but perfect in every way! How many times have I had to persuade the healthcare assistants at the clinic that there's really no need to be concerned by your slow weight gain? You just like to do things at your own pace!

You are, however, in the 50th centile for your length. Long and skinny... I wonder who you're taking after!

Your slow weight gain is pretty much the only slow thing about you though. Not long after you hit 3 months, you rolled over and not content to stop there you are already desperately trying to crawl! You get so frustrated with your nose buried in the carpet and your legs pumping furiously that I can't leave you alone for two minutes without you getting overly distressed. It doesn't stop you though, as soon as I flip you onto your back, you roll over to try again!

You have more hair now and most of the time it looks quite fair. Although every now and again we'll catch sight of that red tinge. Only time will tell.

You can now interact with everyone you meet. You like to show off with your beaming smile because you know it provokes quite a reaction from passers by!

You babble away to yourself and can hold a 'conversation' as we take it in turns to 'speak'. And you are just learning how to laugh.

Your grip is super strong and can be quite painful when you get some skin in your fingers!

You have learnt how to take Mummy and Daddy's glasses off their faces which you think is great fun! What you don't understand is when you do, it just means we can't see your beautiful smile. :0)

We moved out of Grandad and Grandma's house this month so you now have your own room. It's not quite ready for you yet though so for now you're in with us. But we like you there anyway!

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