Monday, 17 June 2013

How to save £££ on baby essentials

Babies need stuff. FACT.
Stuff costs money. FACT.
Money is tight. FACT.

So what do you do? You can't deprive your tot of things that she needs. But you can get savvy when it comes to your shopping.

As they say, every little helps!

Here's five tips for saving pennies on baby essentials:

1. Keep an eye on waste
So many baby essentials are disposable. Babies are messy little beings and life is, quite frankly, easier if you can dispose of things rather than wash and reuse. But be mindful of what you are using and whether you can use less. Using less means those packs of nappy bags last longer and you won't need to buy them as often. As I am the most dis-organised and squeamish person on the planet, cloth nappies are not for me. However, I've found that nappy bags can take up to three wet nappies so I don't use a fresh one every time (use a fresh one for soiled nappies and dispose of straight away, and keep them out of the little one's reach while you're filling it!).

2. Buy in bulk
Sometimes things can seem more expensive when you're buying bigger packs, but they do last longer so it is a saving. Buy the biggest box of nappies you can find (my box of 74 costs £10 from Asda and lasts nearly two weeks), buy multi-packs where you can (four packs of Huggies baby wipes costs £3.50 in Asda = 256 wipes, I don't have to re-stock that often) and make sure you shop around for the best deal!

3. Shop at Discount Stores
Discount stores ares great for things like nappy bags and baby toiletries so make sure you pop into Pounland or The 99p Store when you're in town. Don't buy blind though, often pack sizes in these shops are smaller so although you're only paying £1, you might be getting a worse off deal.

4. Know what's going on in the community
Your local NCT or SureStart Centre are bound to organise Nearly New Sales where you can pick up some bargains on toys and clothes. There might be a local Facebook group where mums advertise things they want to get rid of too so have a search and see what you can find. Why not go along to some groups to make friends? Mums often just want to clear space from their cluttered homes so they may end up gifting you some good quality items!

5. Join the Baby Clubs
Boots, Mothercare and most of the main supermarkets all have Baby Clubs that you can sign up to (you may need to register for a loyalty card). In exchange for your details and sometimes your shopping data, they will send you exclusive offers and coupons on a regular basis. Beware that they're aim is to get you to spend money though, so only use coupons on products and brands you would normally buy anyway!

What about you? Any money saving tips on baby essentials?

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