Friday, 17 May 2013

Word for May: Intentional

~ done on purpose, deliberate

If you saw my previous post about a time for change, then you’ll understand why I've chosen Intentional as my word for May.

Intention is a funny word. On the one hand it is full of excuses, a bit wishy washy and engulfed in doubt. I intended to do XYZ, but... It was my intention however....

On the other hand it is full of promise. Full of direction. Full of motivation. I am going to be intentional about this. I've decided to be intentional.

I hope you have assumed that the month of May is going to be intentional in the context of the latter.

The last few months have speeded by in a baby orientated haze. A brilliantly exciting journey into motherhood. The forming of our family unit. A settling into our new way of life. And we've loved every second. We devoted every ounce of energy into getting to know our little bundle. When does she sleep? (Answer: Rarely). When does she eat? (Answer: ALL THE FRICKING TIME). When does she want her nappy changed? (Answer: At the exact moment that you’re sitting down to dinner or walking out the door).

We've had cuddles, kisses and smiles as well as screams, tears and scratches (Ok, I shouldn't have waited so long to clip her fingernails!). And we've loved all of them.

But after six weeks it is becoming apparent that there is a life outside of Ruby. There are other things that we need to somehow devote our energies towards. There are things that need to dovetail and fit in around our little diva. These are things that we intended  to do. Things that were always in our hearts and minds. Yet they may have been put on the backburner while we get to grips with parenthood. But they are things that hold great importance.

Some are practical things; sorting out our finances, working towards moving house, building my freelance portfolio. Others are things related to our hopes and dreams, things we always knew were a part of moving to Kent. Things we were passionate about six months ago that maybe need a boost to come to fruition in the way that they were designed.

I know this all sounds rather cryptic. But the point is, it’s time to get intentional. It’s time to get organised. It’s time to understand how the rest of our lives fit in around little Ruby, and to make decisions based on the future, and not based on what we can manage in the here and now.

These are all things we intended to do. But it’s now time to get intentional about them.

**Runs away to create numerous lists...**

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