Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New Linky: You, The Expert

If there's one thing about blogging and the internet that I love, it's that ordinary people can share their own knowledge, passion and expertise with the masses. In years gone by, your grandmother would pass on her cleaning tips, family recipes or knitting knowledge from generation to generation. The internet, however, has allowed us to do just that, but with hundreds, or thousands of people!

There's nothing better than a decent tutorial, step-by-step guide or recipe on a blog. I have a pinterest board and an evernote folder full of blog tutorials that one day I hope to have a go at! So, I thought what better way to find more, than a good, old-fashioned blog link up!

Introducing 'You: The Expert'. Every Wednesday, I'll be hosting a link up on this blog for you to come and post your blog tutorials, recipes, advice and step-by-step guides. They can be about anything that you feel other people might want to know about, but here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Craft tutorials (How to... stitch a tote bag)
  • Recipes (How to... cook the best lasagne ever!)
  • Interiors (How to... get the French Vintage look)
  • Upcycling / customising old objects (How to... turn your Ikea drawers into a statement piece)
  • Blogging advice (How to... increase your blog traffic 10-fold in 3 easy steps)
  • Parenting advice (e.g. How to... successfully potty train)
  • Humorous advice (e.g. How to... survive life at the school gates)

So, the rules of the game:

1. Posts can be brand new or from your archives.
2. Posts have to have a loose How To theme (ie. they don't have to necessarily be step-by-step but they do have to be teaching us something)
3. The linky will open at 9am on Wednesday mornings and close at 5pm Friday evenings - meaning that if we want to spend our weekend giving something a go, we've got time to plan!
4. Please link back to the linky somewhere on your blog (there will be a badge available).
5. And of course, share the love and comment on at least two other people's posts and if you discover a genius idea, be sure to tweet about it. I'll also be starting a Pinterest board so we can all share tutorials in the same place if you so wish.

We'll kick off proceedings next Wednesday (15th)!

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