Thursday, 16 May 2013

Time for Change

‘Sleep when baby sleeps,’ they said, ‘It will give you the energy to cope with baby's demands when she’s awake.’ Really? Do you want to know the results of sleeping when baby sleeps? A groggy, sluggish mum who doesn't remember the last time she showered, frustrated because she has been cooped up inside all day for three days straight, surrounded by a mountain of washing and chores because she was asleep at the very moment that would have been ideal for getting them done.

Yes, it’s nice to have a nap. Yes, make the most of snatching a few winks here and there. Yes, enjoy those moments of cuddling your sleeping bundle of joy as you drift off into a blissful snooze. But don’t think for one moment that this is a way to live your life. It is not a recommended lifestyle choice!

Your husband will come home at 6pm to 'The Mess' formerly known as yourself, unshowered, still wearing pyjamas, probably still in bed, or at least sat in the middle of the bed, overwhelmed by all the things that you could have done, had you not slept through the day.

Since giving birth there have been a few occasions when I have made a decision to sleep when baby sleeps. In the beginning, it was ok. Ruby needed a lot more sleep than I did, so my quick nap to catch up from the night’s shenanigans was followed by a few hours of productivity (assisted by my mum) while Ruby slept some more. But now? Now it’s different.

Following a rough night, hubbie has kissed us goodbye as we sat in bed, breastfeeding for the twelfth time in as many hours. I have snuggled down under the duvet, Ruby safely propped up beside me and we have enjoyed a glorious snooze for two or three hours.

What a disaster of a day.

We have slept through baby clinic on the first occasion we were supposed to go to the centre to get Ruby weighed.

The washing has gradually mounted, with stealth, until there were no boxer shorts for hubbie, no work shirts for hubbie and no baby clothes left from Ruby’s seemingly never-ending wardrobe (mummy's clothes are all covered in baby sick, but you know, they're not a priority seeing as she's just wearing pyjamas anyway).

Our extensive supply of muslins has dwindled to none, in direct correlation to the increased rate that Ruby has started sicking up after every feed.

The floor has become cluttered with rubbish, clothes, magazines and chocolate wrappers.

We didn't care. We were away with the fairies, in dreamland.

In short, we have arrived at a state of chaos. If our bedroom were a nation and I the head of state we would have declared a state of emergency by now.

So, people, it’s time for change.

It’s time to turn our lives around.

No longer will I be following the sleeping patterns of my six week old cherub.

No longer will my life be dictated by the overwhelming desire to have a snooze between 8 and 10 every morning.

No! I’m taking a stand!

It’s time to get up.

It’s time to rise from our slumber and to Do. All. The. Things!

All the things that have fallen by the wayside – like hubbie wearing clean underwear – they will be rectified.

We will see our bedroom floor once more!

We will see the unchartered lands known as ‘the bottom of the laundry basket’.

It’s time people. And that time, is now.

Who’s with me?!


  1. Ha, this sounds exactly like me. The advice to 'sleep when your baby sleeps' is nice in theory but the practice causes the chaos you have described.

    Good luck getting sorted!


    1. Thanks! The chaos is slowly getting under control now...

  2. this was the same for me! lol its so lovely to have that sleep but how does everything else get done? xx

    1. I'm sure the people who came up with this advice had home help!

  3. I feel your pain - and I still remember the day where I put my foot down and said enough is enough! It is an immense feeling of power. Wishing you all the best Emily. So sorry I haven't got round to emailing yet - it's been manic! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo xx

    1. No problem! Yes, I guess I did feel empowered, now to follow through and keep it up!


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