Saturday, 18 May 2013

Can I Push the Pram?

We were rushing out the house for church.

Nappy bag, check, coats, check. Was Ruby warm enough? Too warm? Blanket and pram cover? Just blanket? Screaming Ruby. Dog under feet. Forgot extra muslin. Upstairs. Fetch extra muslin. Forgot Ruby's hat. Upstairs. Fetch hat. Forgot phone. Upstairs. Fetch phone... wait, where is phone? In pocket. Downstairs. Right, ready?

Jon: Can you roll my sleeves up?
Me (in my head whilst rolling his sleeves up): Is it not enough that I have to dress Ruby, I have to dress you too?*

Right, ready? 
Start maneuvering pram around dog basket, squeezing door open, reversing, reversing, reversing...

Jon: Can I push the pram?
Me: NO! Just come on! (We're running late, I've had no sleep, a manic morning, I haven't eaten or drank anything and you think this is a good time, when I'm halfway over the threshold, to debate over who gets to push the pram! It's like being kids and fighting over who pushes the trolley at Tesco!)

Later, whilst Jon is pushing the pram...

Me: Why do you always want to push the pram anyway? It's not a toy.
Jon: Because you get to push it all week when I'm not here. All week, Ruby looks out of her pram at your face. Most of the rest of the time she's attached to your breast, or if I am holding her, she's asleep, or close to my chest. If I push the pram on weekends then she'll look out and see my face. I want her to know I'm here, it's my quality time with her.
Me: Oh. (I am an idiot, let Jon push pram in future.)

*Disclaimer: Jon can dress himself. He just has one of those shirts where there's a tab with a button that holds the sleeves up and it's difficult to get it even on both sides with one hand!


  1. Beautiful. What a lovely Dad he is!

  2. Thank you, yes it's been lovely to get to know this side of him. :)

  3. Child's dad has played a wonderful role in the short script. I liked the short script.

    Avery hawkins


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