Monday, 4 March 2013

Word for March: Trust

firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something


    It can be difficult can't it?

    Trusting other people isn't so bad. Very few people go through life expecting other people to let them down or broadcast their secrets to the world. If that's your expectation then generally you just choose not to trust. And some people are not to be trusted. Yes, trusting other people, that's the easy part. That part is within your control.

    But trusting God? The universe? Life?

    Trusting yourself?

    Trusting your instincts? Your gut reaction?

    Trusting your own judgement? Your own decisions? Your own skills and abilities?

    That's the hard part.

    Because really, you don't have much control over that. You just have to do it. Otherwise you would never get anywhere, would you? You would never make a decision.

    How can we learn to trust?

    We have to take a leap of faith!

    At the end of last year my pregnant self and hubbie made the decision to leave London and move back to Kent. Of course, when you decide to relocate it's pretty unlikely that everything will all fall into place at exactly the right time. So we weren't worried.

    Mr. D started looking for work in September. We gave notice on our flat in November. I scheduled my maternity leave to begin in December and we made the wise decision to temporarily move into Jon's parents' house so that we weren't burdened with rent and bills while we waited patiently for Mr. D's employment offer. 

    In the beginning we were full of this thing called trust.

    We trusted that God would provide. And he did. In the first month of Mr. D's unemployment we received in unexpected rebates the equivalent of his old monthly salary.

    We trusted that there would be opportunities. And there were. Mr. D had a few interviews in the run up to Christmas and although it slowed down over the festive season, he's had a few more since.

    We trusted that we were making the right decision. And we were. There was no way that we could have survived in London once my maternity pay had reduced.

    But what do you do when the trust begins to fade? When the results are taking longer than you expected? When you feel like time is running out and things aren't fitting into your carefully planned schedule? When the opportunities are not translating into jobs or money in the bank?

    What do you do?

    You check that you're doing everything in the natural that you can possibly do.

    And then?

    You keep trusting.

    You keep applying yourself, your skills and your abilities. You get creative. You invest in yourself.

    It takes time, energy and motivation to continually seek out your opportunity. It's hard getting knockbacks and rejections.

    But you've made your decision and a few short weeks ago you were sure it was the right one. So what's changed? Nothing. So you just keep trusting.

    Eventually your trust will be proved correct.

    And you'll wonder what you were worrying about in the first place.


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