Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dear Baby...

Dear Baby,

If you were anything like your parents then you would be here by now. We are early for everything. I was half an hour early for my own wedding and I got sent away because none of the guests had arrived yet. We hate lateness. Your Dad worked in retail management and would come home every day with poor excuses of his employees who just couldn't arrive to work in time for their shift.

But you, my dear, appear to be taking your time! And that's Ok. Maybe you'll be super laid back, a bit like your Dad. Or maybe it's because you're a little bit scared like your Mum - maybe you're just putting off this whole birth thing because it's new and unknown. Whatever, you'll arrive in your own time. Just, if you are listening, it would be really great if you could arrive before next Tuesday - sweeps and inductions are not part of your mum's birth plan!

We're looking forward to meeting you! Maybe you'll be slight and tiny like me, or maybe long and lean like your Dad. You'll be perfect, I know.

We're looking forward to getting to know you, and seeing how you take after both of us - if at all. We've washed all your clothes and bought all the equipment that everyone seems to think we need. Your grandparents survived without all of this stuff, of course, but apparently they're essentials.

Your Dad has picked out an outfit for you to travel home in. He chose it and bought it himself, so you'll have to thank him one day. He will be so proud. He can't wait to dress you in it and give you a cuddle.

So now we just sit and wait. We're getting on with things, just trying to pretend that all is normal, that really, we're not waiting for anything at all. It's like when you watch the microwave - every second seems to last a lifetime. Sunday was my birthday, we went to church, we went out for dinner. Monday we walked into town and went to Starbucks, I think the barista was a bit nervous that I might go into labour - she knew that Sunday was meant to be the day. We waved at Terry outside the church "Still here!" your Dad shouted.

We went to Lesley's for dinner. We have a church meeting tomorrow, a lunch date on Friday. Family visiting at the weekend. All normal things that might have to be postponed if you decide to make an appearance. Life goes on. If we act as normal as possible, maybe you'll come and surprise us!

Here's hoping!


  1. As Gandalf said: a baby is never late. He always arrives exactly when he means to. :-) Hope it's soon!

    1. Haha I like that, had not heard that one :) Here's hoping!


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