Saturday, 2 March 2013

Love Letters of a Great Man

A couple of weeks ago, in the wake of Valentine's Day, I tweeted about my desire for a two books: Love Letters of Great Men and Love Letters of Great Women. Two years running, around Valentine's Day when they are all out on display, I had dropped hints to my dear husband that I would like these books. But I feared that my romantic pleas were falling on deaf ears because two years running they had not materialised (in fact, I'm not sure any gifts materialised but that's a different complaint!).

My husband isn't on Twitter, he tried it once but gave up pretty quickly, so he didn't see these tweets. They weren't aimed at him, I'd already asked for them, what more could I do? 

So I resigned myself to the undeniable fact that neither of us are particularly romantic, we had even neglected to buy each other cards. (I can't really resent him for not remembering my choice of books when I haven't even bothered to buy him a card can I?!) Who needs a special day to remind yourself that the person you've committed to spending the rest of your life with actually loves you anyway?

But then last week we were out shopping and after popping off to the toilet, I found Mr. D in Waterstones looking puzzled.

"You alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, I was going to try to get you those love letter books but they're not out on the table anymore. Do you think they still do them?"

Of course, the Valentine's display had been replaced with a Mother's Day tribute leaving poor Mr. D at a loss as to where one might shelve such a book (he's more accustomed to the Crime Fiction department). So together we asked the shop assistant, who kindly pointed us in the right direction and I came away with my longed for books.

I didn't get a love letter tucked inside, or a romantic inscription scrawled in ink, my books weren't wrapped up in brown paper and tied with twine, embellished with a single red rose, and they didn't suddenly appear on my pillow one day as a sweet surprise.

But he did remember. And that's enough for me.

Who says romance is dead?

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