Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bring on the Post-Natal Fun!

My time is almost up. Nine months of allowing someone else to rent my body and within a few weeks, or even days, it will be mine once more! Ok, so I'm planning to breast feed so it won't be totally mine - in fact, it'll be a milk machine for a while longer - but there are a few things I am looking forward to post-birth. Selfish things. Fun things. Things that you didn't think you'd miss but you absolutely do!


First up, wine! I know, it's the obvious one isn't it? I'm not a big drinker. If we're honest, half a glass of red is just about my limit and I probably consume that much maybe once a month (which equals six glasses per year - there's no box for that on all those pesky medical forms!). If I do push the boat out on a special occasion you can be assured I will either a) fall asleep before dessert, or b) descend into a fit of giggles not becoming of a grown woman my age.

The point is, giving up alcohol for pregnancy really wasn't a big deal. But every now and again, there's that niggling desire for a nice, relaxing glass of wine. Christmas, Valentine's Day and date nights were missing that little something. Picture the scene: nice, Italian restaurant, candle-lit dinner, romantic music and there's me slurping Sprite through a straw rather than elegantly sipping Merlot from a wine glass. It's just not the same is it?

Sleeping on my back
Normally, I can sleep anywhere. I'm not fussed what side of the bed I have, nor how I lie, or even where I am - give me a car, train, sofa, armchair or bed and I'll quickly be off to the land of nod. But when you're pregnant, life's not that simple. And the thing I've missed the most? Being able to lie on my back. Now, we know you probably shouldn't lie on your front for obvious reasons. But lying on your back? Yeah, if you want to continue breathing it's probably not a good idea. That nice, neat bump everyone keeps complementing you on? Suddenly it's a weapon of suffocation as it squashes one of your main arteries and prevents oxygen from travelling round your body. Excellent.


Check out this recipe here.

Being allergic to milk, there were already a lot of things that I couldn't eat. I thought, there wasn't much else you could cut from my diet. I mean, I don't eat cheese so that wasn't a problem and everything else that you're not supposed to eat never really made it into our cupboards anyway. In fact, pate is probably the last thing you would have found in our fridge prior to pregnancy. So why did I miss it so much during pregnancy?

I don't know! But the first snack I'll be consuming when I arrive home from hospital is a stack of Ryvita thickly smothered in pate. I can't wait!

Being Active
Give me a comfy pair of shoes and a nice day and I'll walk anywhere. I think this comes from living in London for so long. You just walk. Often, you could walk to your destination in the same time it takes to wait for a bus or head underground. And we don't drive, so walking is our means of transport (we're soooo not organised enough to always have bus money on us either!).

So when we moved to Kent, this attitude didn't really change. Not only did it save us money and get us out the house, but it also gave us a chance to spend time together and have a good old natter, just the two of us. Now, if it takes under an hour, we'll walk. Over an hour and we might consider a bus or taxi. So I was quite frustrated at 37 weeks when my body started to get tired and achey during one of our walks! My husband said "Em, you are practically full term, you're going to have to start taking it easy at some point!" Really?! I now have to get the bus into town and walk back. It's the rules.

So I'm looking forward to walking again! I have the best, lightweight, bright buggy that money can buy, spring is trying to make an appearance, and I'll hopefully be feeling up to heading out in between feeds!

Contact Lenses

Did you know your eyesight changes during pregnancy? Me neither. So I was quite concerned at about 16 weeks when I realised that whilst wearing contact lenses I could no longer read signs at the train station or see my manager's face from across the office (when she was speaking to me!). But a quick Google search and a trip to the optician told me that my eyesight was no longer what it was. They told me there was no point getting new glasses until after pregnancy and that my glasses prescription would suffice for those few months, but that because the shape of my eyeball had changed, my contact lenses would not correct my vision very well and would become more and more difficult to put in (how true that was!).

So since 16 weeks I have been wearing my glasses every day. Which is fine. I like my glasses, and it is easier to just stick them on your face rather than going through the cleaning and inserting rigmarole required for lenses (you can also have naps without your eyes sticking together!). However, every now and again, on a special occasion, or if I want to boost my confidence, or if I'm meeting new people, I would love to wear my contact lenses! I'm just much more me without the glasses in my face. It also means I can see when I apply my make-up in the morning, which is an added bonus.

New News
At the moment my conversations are filled with people asking if there's any news. Any twinges? Any Braxton Hicks? Trust me, if I go into labour and you happen to be there, I'll let you know. Otherwise, up until this point, the answer is no. And if anything happens, and you're not there, the next update you'll be getting will presumably be a birth announcement. That's right, I'm looking forward to having some fresh news to share. Some new topic of conversation that doesn't revolve around the baby being too comfy on the inside to remotely want to be on the outside.

What did you miss during your pregnancy? Comment below!


  1. Hi Em!! Loved your post, I am so excited for you and Jon, can't wait for the birth announcement. :)
    much love

  2. Thanks Pam - right now I can't wait for the birth announcement either! lol.


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