Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What's in a Name?

Eight months ago, we were convinced we were having a boy. We had a whole host of boy names chosen, in fact, we've always had more boy names than girl names picked out in our heads. Which is probably why it was so easy to be convinced - because we had names picked out, we could imagine him running around, with a name.
We had one girl's name. One.
Then, a few weeks before we found out that we were actually having a girl, it turns out that someone else liked that name too, and they beat us to it.
That's ok, we thought, there's plenty of girl's names. We'll find the perfect one.
And so our search began.
See, when you're choosing a name, there's so many things to consider. Such a weight of responsibility. This child has to live with your decision for the rest of their lives! That's a long time!
  • Does it fit with your last name?
  • What does it mean?
  • Does it roll off the tongue?
  • Do we like the shortened version?
  • Will it suit them as much when they're an adult?
  • Will it be too cutesy if they decide to be a doctor or a lawyer?
  • Is it too popular?
  • Too unusual?
  • Will people spell it wrong?
  • Will people pronounce it correctly?
  • Can it be said nicely with your regional accent?
  • Do we both like it? (Apparently we have to agree on this!)
  • Are we both going to like it in three months? Three years? 30 years?!
We searched the internet, we went through baby name books with a red pen, we would eavesdrop on other people's conversations, scoured people's friends lists on Facebook, we made list, after list, after list. We started to refer to the baby by different names, just to see what it felt like in conversation.
There's plenty of pretty names out there, but we've come up against the same stumbling blocks with every name we consider. Either, we don't like the meaning, we don't like the shortened version, or one of us likes it and the other doesn't.
And still, two weeks away from meeting our precious little bundle, we are none the wiser.
Don't get me wrong, we've narrowed down our list of options. Currently we have two front runners. They're nice names. They're pretty names. They tick most of the boxes. But... do we love them? And do you have to love them? Or is it the love for the child when you meet it that makes you actually love the name?
People say she'll be born and you'll just know. She'll just look like an Ava or an Edith or a Jenny or a Pearl. Really? How? Don't all new born babies look squashed and red-faced and not pretty at all? 
Mr. D says we don't have to decide straight away, and granted, you've got six weeks to officially register the birth. But... isn't that cruel? That the child is unnamed, with no identity for six weeks? No birth announcements? All the family wanting to know, constantly asking, making suggestions of their own. Surely, it's better to just decide at the birth!
How did you decide on your children's names? Did you always know, or did you have no clue what they might be? Comment below!

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  1. Hee!Meet me! Baby number one was named 5 days after his birth,it was actually on Christmas day and when we took him to my mums she cried when she heard us say his name.Baby number two was not named for nearly 6 weeks!He was nicknamed Sharky ( see my blog,I still call him Sharky there) at the time I couldn't see anything wrong with taking my time naming him,now I think how funny others must have thought this was.Baby number three....they said its a boy and I said his name straight away :-) x


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